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  1. I can't for the life of me find it anymore. It was on Hornby Magazine's YouTube Channel and was released a few years ago, just after decorated samples were released but before the Rails of Sheffield/NRM exclusives were announced. I'm looking forward to seeing them put to use on Little Bytham!
  2. If the one video was all I had to base my judgement off, yes! I'm glad your examples run fine, hopefully that will be carried through in the production run.
  3. I'm quite apprehensive for the new V2... They're one of the most expensive RTR kettles available in OO gauge, and from what I've seen they seem to have really bad running characteristics. Hornby Magazine did a special video on decorated samples running on their layout, and the running quality was really bad. One model slowed and wheel-slipped on 3rd Radius curve hauling a small amount of RTR Box vans, the other model showed really bad oscillations and wobbling while plodding along. Both models had (what appeared to my untrained eye) really chunky and oversized running gear, which ruined the look of the model. Unfortunately, I think this video has been taken down from YouTube by Hornby Magazine. I really hope these issues have been solved before they arrive, and hopefully Tony (and all you other knowledgeable folk) can de-bunk these bad running characteristics. I really hope they aren't reflected in the production run!
  4. Is that an LNER Mk3 I spy? I didn't know you swung both ways
  5. Looking at the box art, City of Leicester looks to be intended to have the same finish as the MN, but has turned out completely different! Looks like they had some paint left over from the Thompson Pacific's...
  6. A'up everyone... some questions about Bachmann's Peppercorn A2 and the real thing... Is the chimney relatively easy to remove? Does it come away with some pliers? Did all the real A2s have the same diagram boilers? I can see in Yeadon's that they all had various boilers throughout their lives, but it doesn't say if these were all the same diagram, just the number of the boiler and who it previously belonged to. Many thanks everyone
  7. Tony... do you remember when I was at Little Bytham we were talking about fencing, and I point out that you didn't have any wire in your post and wire fencing? Now I can see why! I've only done 8 inches and I'm fed up!
  8. And everything's the right way up
  9. Looking good mate! Where's the goods yard, overly large station, church with a wedding and bus on a bridge going though?
  10. Afternoon everyone... I've got a bit of a conundrum, so hopefully posting it here and getting some professional thoughts can help solve my issue! I've just moved house, settled in and have discovered I can build a Model Railway, Cassette-Cassette, which will measure (not including cassettes) 3306mm x 221mm (10.8ft x 8.7inches in old money). The reason it'll be these measurements, is because I'll be building them on Scale Model Scenery Baseboards that fit perfectly into 77L storage boxes when not in use (this is essential, I only have room for 3x 77L storage boxes). I have some criteria that the layout must adhere too: Late 1950s British Rail (Ex-North Eastern Railway, North Yorkshire or Northumberland) Little to no compromise, I want the layout to be as realistic as possible (I've made to many compromises with previous layouts, which ruins it for me). I don't mind using a fictional track plan Track will be Peco Code 75 Bullhead and DCC Is it physically possible to build a 'realistic' model railway that's just 221mm wide? On first thoughts, I thought something similar to the layout 'Hartburn' might be feasible, but on second thoughts I'm not too sure due to my limited depth. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I'm really struggling to think of something at the moment! Many thanks in advance everyone
  11. No rest for you is there? Must be all that coffee...
  12. I think that's why my EM A2/1 was so (relatively) cheap! I couldn't believe it when I won it for £120!
  13. And at around £100 per model, they seem like great value for money. I'm looking forward to getting my BR Late one, will probably send it straight to Tom for a new identity and weathering!
  14. I'd say 3 if possible, if it's not do-able then go for 1
  15. 'Topley Dale' is Hornby Magazines test layout. They shared a video quite some time ago now of decorated samples running, unfortunately I can't seem to find said video (if anyone else can, I'd love to watch it again!). The video showed a number of running faults. One had a very noticeable wobble, the other slowed down and wheel slipped when pulling a medium sized RTR freight train around a corner. Not very good for a £200+ model by today's standards. Hopefully, these were teething issues that have now been stomped out...
  16. Very true Tony, I'll change that next time! I was very surprised how superbly they ran (most of the time... Hycilla didn't seem to like one of your points, I'll get the back-to-back out!) Hornby's new A2s are great models, it'll be interesting to compare the performance with the new Bachmann V2s. I've only seen a brief video of these being test ran on 'Topley Dale', but the running seems really poor! Dylan
  17. Evening everyone! Tony has asked me to post this, a video of my recent visit. It’s my first time filming/editing a video like this, so it’s not the best, but hopefully of interest!
  18. I found some LMS Semaphore kits in the Full Break I bought off you, let me know if you want it back to sell on or would like some more dough for it, as it's not much use on my layout, apart from for practicing before I tackle LNER semaphores!
  19. After Jesse's inspiration for wagon weathering, I thought I'd have another go. Not bad, I don't think. Any criticism/suggestions are welcome, we all can improve that way! Although, none are ‘finished’ yet.
  20. For those asking about the reference photos, here are the reference photos I sent Tom! Both A2s are weathered superbly weathered, and I’m very happy with both!
  21. Ooh err... not quite sure what I think to the latest photos of Hornby's Clan 6MT! Loco looks good, livery looks a bit garish? While we're talking about Clans, did they ever make it way to Doncaster?
  22. That's very kind of you Tony! I'll make sure to bring her. Of course! Superb work as always.
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