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  1. Hello All, re sky background, whilst I admire some of the sky ( with or without clouds ) in the above selection of photos; I personally think that a muted pale blue grey colour tends to look more "real" on a model, and it is less distracting, therefore the model is the highlight. I personally feel that strong blue, which on some days is doubtless accurate, is jarring and distracting on a model, where your sight line is different to that when viewing the real thing. With some exceptions, I also feel that clouds can be distraction , and from some viewing angles, just does not look right. However, the most important thing is to enjoy the model, Regards, Tumut
  2. Dear Messrs Pacific231G, Sabato, Terry ecmr, and Nearholmer, 1 / thank you for your detailed replies, and especially the photos, greatly appreciated. 2 / the Earl's Court layout also came to mind, and the photos of Earls Court are also appreciated . Earls Court was frequently referred to as Kangaroo Valley by the Australian press, though Australians I knew who went to London were mystified about the reference, as on their visits, the number of Australians encountered at Earls Court were not noticeably greater than elsewhere, and could usually be counted on one hand. 3 / being 3mm scale, Colin Cook's Sheperd's Bush it is an interesting variation on CJF's original proposal, which was originally intended for Tri-Ang TT scale. This layout stuck in my mind due to urban London look ( or at least that is how it appeared to me, my knowledge of " the London look" is primarily derived from British films, especially B&W ) , and the use of Bilteezi Card Kits, to make a realistic setting. Thanks and regards, Tumut
  3. Hello All, quite some years ago, there was a 4mm GWR or BR-WR Minories style layout based in West London, which featured a row of three story Georgian style flats by Bilteezi on one side. The train came out of a double track tunnel to the terminus, and there was a small loco servicing area adjacent to the points. Above the tunnel was a row of suburban style houses. The layout was for suburban non corridor stock primarily. I am still quite intrigued by it, but have been unable to find its location on this site. I would really appreciate a link if anyone is aware of the layout in question please, Regards, Tumut
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