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  1. Yesterday's construction project. A corrugated iron covered shed! A few more Evergreen profiles needed before finishing. Dave.
  2. Platform 2 is going in over this weekend. It will be removable (screwed down from underneath) in case I change my mind at some time in the future. Dave Smith Elbow Lane
  3. Had the GoPro out today for a few alternative views of the Lane.
  4. Been working on EL today. Yesterday I decided that something had to be done with the rear siding with the inset track. I decided to have a loading platform and worry about a building later. Thing is there is a curve in the track and I am fresh out of Peco platform edging. So, it had to be stripwood. As it needed a bend in it, I soaked it for a couple of hours and left it suspended between two other things on a table with a 5lt can of paint on it. Today I've cut the strip to shape and fitted a few cross members. Top is card covered in wet&dry paper. Mortar paint has been run into the embossed plasticard brickwork and wiped off ready for brick colour etc.
  5. The underbelly. Elbow Lane Dave Smith Carshalton & Sutton MRC
  6. My apologies as there seems to be two pictures missing regarding the inset track area. Here they are in their full glory. The thing is, what to do with it. It fits just over 2 TTAs. EL
  7. Work continues ate the bridge end where the fiddleyard gives way on to the scenic boards. I still cannot decide on what to have, building wise, on the hardstanding at the rear. Oil, cement or a combination of both. Thing is, I got Cement tanks, Oil tanks and petrol tanks. Oh and old and new vans. Any suggestions gratefully received. EL
  8. Today I've been working on the bridge and other minor bits.
  9. I don;'t know where the day has gone but most of it has been spent making an old lamp (idea courtesy of 'Westerhamstation' of this parish, thanks) and an old diesel fuel pump. Both for the Loco road. EL
  10. Lately I have been considering exactly to put by the Loco Road and the rear hard standing. With the lack of some Knightwing piping I decided to have a go myself. First is the drains from the loco road where there will be a fueling point. Next is something for the hard standing area. Moral is: never throw away the spues from locos and kits. EL
  11. Much appreciated Pheaton. You know the next question, I'm sure. Do have have any shots of the rest of it please? EL
  12. Hi Guys. I have identified a fueling point I would like to replicate but this is the only shot I can track down. Does anyone have or know od more detailed shots of what I presume is an upright pump painted red or any of the other bits and bobs please? Full credit to the photographer but I cannot find out who it was. EL
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