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  1. I’ve found another interesting photograph of an oxen team with a hay wagon from the same book.
  2. I think this may be a photograph of Earl Bathurst’s oxen, they seem to be Devon reds and a dairy shorthorn.
  3. I’ve just received a copy of a book about the Sand Hutton railway, I’m hoping to build Synolda and Colossus one day! If there is enough demand I may cast the parts as a body and chassis kit when I make them, I have an interesting idea about motorising them without needing a Minitrix chassis too so watch this space.
  4. I have just received a wonderful book about the Sand Hutton railways I’m very interested in the 15’’ gauge the most there’s even a handy drawing of a class 30! I like the minimum gauge enclosed coach and brake vans but the book only has photographs of them (unlike the later larger narrow gauge railway) which is a shame. Do you know if anyone drew some plans or if there are more photographs of the minimum gauge coach and brakevan?
  5. This looks like a great model, it’s perfect for my model. Is the model available unpainted or will I need to repaint it? Do you know if anyone makes boneshaker or similar old bicycles too?
  6. I’m wondering if anyone produces a model of a penny farthing in o gauge, I really need one for a special figure I’m making for my layout. The rider had a canary yellow lined with black penny farthing and it would make a fantastic model. If a model isn’t available is there a plan or kit available? I mostly make balloon shaped animals but I make thin people too.
  7. I’m hoping to model some oxen teams for my layout but I’m not sure about how much bigger than a regular cow or bull they are, I saw a feature in Continental Modeller a few years ago but I forgot to buy the magazine at the time. Does anyone know the Continental Modeller issue number the oxen were featured in or any features or photographs of oxen from magazines as oxen were used quite a lot in the Cotswolds until the 1960s. Also any photographs of white park and Gloucester cows and bulls would be helpful too.
  8. Thank you Nearholmer I would definitely be interested in a crowdfunded SECR Railmotor! I think the coaches had more detail differences than the locomotives (as far as I’m aware there were long and short tanks) but I think it sounds like a wonderful idea.
  9. Thank you Adrian This gives a lot of food for thought! Do you know where I can find a drawing for the modified Railmotors with longer tanks (3-4 onwards) as these would be interesting to model too?
  10. Thank you Tony I have done a bit of research and the GNR Railmotor plans were published in the July 1972 issue of Model Railway Constructor. I like both the GNR and SECR Railmotors as they were very stylish machines. I’m trying to find a plan of the Midland Railway Railmotor and trailer next. I now have both issues of Model Railway Constructor and it’s a shame that this magazine is no longer published.
  11. I’m searching for plans of the original (pre 1930) main station buildings at Bourton on the Water and Stow on the Wold. I’ve so far found plans for the replacement 1930s buildings but so far I haven’t been able to find plans for the original timber framed buildings. I’m hoping to base my model railway around them and other freelance buildings too. I prefer the timber framed buildings as the had an estate cottage feel about them and they would be different to the usual Cotswold stone stations modelled. If anyone knows where I can get plans of the original main station buildings preferably for
  12. I’m trying to find some articles about Ted Polet’s Craigcorrie and Dunalistair 009 railway, it’s a very inspiring layout with interesting locomotives too. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I’m searching for a drawing of one of the South Eastern and Chatham Railmotors. I heard it was published in model railway constructor but I’ve forgotten which issue it was published in. I’m also looking for plans of a Great Northern Railway railmotor and BTP tank too. All help will be appreciated.
  14. I’m very sorry for the very late reply, I would love to make a model of this locomotive in 09 and I’m wondering do you have a 09 scale drawing of Count Louis? I would love to buy plans if I could. Your model has inspired me a lot and I’m finally going to take the plunge and build my 09 estate railway.
  15. I would definitely be interested in a Katie but Effie would be amazing!! Do N-drive productions still make their kits?
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