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  1. Sorry I've been off radar for so long. It's great you've tried (and modded) the new code! Yes, I have had my code up and running connected to a base station using radio. I used a Mega for my DCC++ station, it will let me do some extra things with the outputs. I do agree the keymapping could do with a bit of work, it's not the most intuitive, but it's still early doors. The intent was to put in a top menu with turnout/signal control in, but it's tricky to get much info on all the points of the layout on such a small screen! I was thinking 'route selection'... but then setting it up using the keypad would be even more of a nightmare. We're getting towards full keyboard use... Well done all, great stuff.
  2. Hi Mark,

    I have looked at your modifications to Dave Bodnars dcc++ trhrottle, and I am impressed!

    Looking at my own understanding; not so impressed......

    I built the version with encoder and HC12 radio some time ago, and have now installed your code in it.  Mine has a 4x3 keyboard, and 2,16 lines as opposed to your 4,20. I think I have successfully changed the code for that accordingly, and it works, but the presentation is a bit, well, different. I have three locos entered, and I can activate them on my two lines, just as in your pictures.

    But, the functions presentation doesn't work; again it looks just like on your pictures, however pressing a key just briefly flashes the "on" symbol, it doesn't stay on( but loco lights do come on so it should be a display issue ?) Have you seen anything like that ?

    Also the top loco, on both yours and my displays, shows on the function area "F012345" ?.?

    How to set funktions for that loco ?

    Small oddities, but worth fixing. Again, your code is still a great update, have you done any more work on it ?

    For myself I see a "DIY digitrax UT4", with a pot for speed zero to max and a switch for direction.

    Some small keyboard for loco selection and functions; maybe, just maybe, a simple display too.

    But this one should work well first, so ideas are most welcome!



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      Might have been better posting as a PM.

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      Best to use the PM facility for privacy and security.

  3. I've made a prototype wireless handheld throttle for a DCC++ basestation by modifying Dave Bodnar's hardware and code for an Arduino. Might be useful for you - the links (and my revised code, as far as it got) are elsewhere in this forum.
  4. If they're being piloted by a Caprotti, are you sure you're not just twisting one of his (universal) joints?
  5. Again, beautiful modelling. The teched sides and observation car rear casting look fantastic... The silver-chrome paint - I see from your original thread that you used a foil over the lettering afterwards and I think the photograph shows this... but how thick was that foil? It must have been almost gold-leaf thin!?
  6. Oi. I resemble that remark! (Mark, aged 46½.)
  7. The "Bramble and Bush" (or perhaps "Bramble and Briar") sounds like a great pub name.
  8. But it's so pretty! eBay awaits. People will buy anything these days. We bought a car maybe four years ago for £700, running, with MOT. Just sold it as MOT fail with some recent unfortunate damage for over a grand. Down is up I swear. I digress. I have to agree with an opinion above - pick a paint, if it looks good, it's right. I would also suggest that pretty much all the 'colours' in your lovely chart could be observed on GW locos at one time or another, so maybe you can't get it wrong!
  9. How about an Egyptian Serif - like the GREAT WESTERN on the tender? This one was: https://www.1001fonts.com/fetteegyptienne-font.html
  10. Not jealous at all. However, not getting one in the initial rush has given me the opportunity to look at the Photon Mono X. Don't know if it's slightly taller Z gives it a practical advantage. Definitely looks like a nice piece.
  11. Add or subtract. Either a tiny cut length from the end of one of the pieces of Setrack to insert between the upper turnouts... or... trim the noses of the two lower turnouts. Shouldn't think the latter would be an issue.
  12. I too wish to recreate Flying Fox, but in 1946 guise as 106 - so I'd be interested in that journey. I bought a nice S/H late BR 60017 Silver Fox created from a Bachmann A4. It needs some renovation but it was built with care and I'm not sure I'll try taking it back to blue. After I've brought it up to spec I think I'll either gift it to my Father or see if I can swap it on RMWeb for an earlier LNER Pacific. It's a shame so few of the RTR Pacifics are numbered in the 1946 ranges. For A4s the valance removal makes me a bit nervous, but I have a few GBL A4s stashed away to try. Still, that makes it modelling, as opposed to collecting.
  13. Never been a better time than to go and look at a real tree. Just about the only thing you can hug right now.
  14. A4 liveries and their timings are listed on 'BRDatabase' (among other places.) I think A3s too, maybe not as complete. Example: http://www.brdatabase.info/locoqry.php?action=locodata&type=S&id=600104024&loco=4464
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