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  1. @D6775 just seen that you're not sure - if you have any recollection then let us know! Thanks!
  2. @D6775 they look great! What is the precise paint you have used there? I have been looking at Tamiya Camel Yellow or Humbrol 154.. seem like fairly close matches to the real thing in photos. And as D6775 said above, with some weathering may also look right. Any views?
  3. Steadfast - yeah I spotted this, on some the logos are still visible as well under the dirt. Mark - didn't know that, I was curious about the end platforms as I have seen them in some photos and not others.
  4. Thanks for the extra info guys. Paul - your website is an incredible resource and I spend quite a bit of time on it. Thanks for everything there.
  5. Thanks @black and decker boy .. Maybe Humbrol 154? Any ideas on the inside colour?
  6. Hi everyone, I'm modelling a rake of these and curious about the colour they were painted in. The TML yellow ones seem to be an 'off (slightly darker?) warning panel yellow' from looking at Paul Bartlett's photos.. is that the case? What precise paints and colours have others used? Also us there any advice on the blue TML ones.. I'm really not sure about those. Thanks
  7. My first post. Superb modelling. Been following this with interest (after reading about some of your other models on RM Web). All the best with your move.
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