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  1. Can anyone out there explain, in plain English please, how I can put route indicationon an existing control panel by way of lights? Hope that makes sense. Terry
  2. Fabulous pictures of what will be a stunning layout very nice.
  3. TerrySVR

    Crab sound

    Bewdley Worcs home of svr
  4. TerrySVR

    Crab sound

    Thanks for reply Charlie, Perth is a bit too far for me is there anything on your wen site? Terry
  5. TerrySVR

    Crab sound

    Hi all can anyone recommend the best sound system for Bachmann crab? Thanks in advance Terry
  6. Great modelling as we have come to expect, any idea who makes WR smoke deflectors for western region Britannias in 00? Terry
  7. I'm sure it's me but I can't seem to find a latest post thread?
  8. Unless I've missed them, surprised there aren't any support wagons proposed to go with Bachmann crane
  9. Back in action due to snow by the looks of it.
  10. I remember a box of fish delivered to Bewdley on GWR railcar for local fish shop.
  11. Very enjoyable thanks for posting. Terry
  12. I'm impressed with the concrete effect flooring and the weathering.
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