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  1. thanks some were 3 days most were less
  2. will soon be printing 35.5 cm Haubitze M1 all are 1/72 photos of painted next week other 3 have already been printed built 42 cm gamma mörser 30.5cm beta gerat mortar 30.5cm beta gerat mortar 09
  3. all but the oxford i have 3d printed some are fo sale on ebay uk but all are for sale on shapeways as 3d printed model kits these are 00/ho first two on right are Vickers bl 12 inch MK 1-2 behind them is Elswick Armstrong bl 12 and oxford rail boche buster 14 inch on left is bl 9.2 inch gun 1915-16 and at the back in ww1 camo BL 12 inch howitzer Mk V and MK III back row in green bl 9.2 mk 10
  4. progress on ww2 military train layout ho
  5. next part will be camo netting and gun pits and power
  6. To mark the 80th anniversary of 1940 and the second world war, the Dover demo is based on the Dover gun batteries. There will also be a 1940s armoured train along with numerous railway guns.
  7. i will be doing 52 53 38 and some ww1 armoured locos i have yet to finish my ww1 french narrow gauge armoured loco
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