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L2's are great!

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  1. I bet!! It must be interesting playing around with filters on these photos as well as different angles and focusing.
  2. Fantastic shot of your amazing models!!
  3. It's funny as those two link up to the L2 line which crosses under the L6 BICC line which links up to the L9 LD towers I photographed
  4. Ahh yes, on the Welsh side they do switch between BB and BICC quite a bit. I must say I've followed this long line of L6's and I've also noticed how there are a lot of crossings with the L3 line which runs from Whitson to Latteridge/Latteridge to Beanacre.
  5. Also I have more photos of these L9's from yesterday, if you would like me to DM/email them to you, let me know Kind regards, Felix
  6. Those L6's stop just before the crossing and then continue on the other side, unlike the L3's which just cross over the Severn estuary. Are those two L6 lines linked?? Kind regards, Felix
  7. Ahh yes, I believe the other 2 L9's are deviation towers which cross the M32/M4 junction.
  8. Thanks mate! Yes indeed it is a D20EC. Here's the view from the other side! And when it switches to L6 again Kind regards, Felix
  9. Oh Haha!! Is there an L2/3/66 version of the SF60?? Ooh, I look forward to it!!! Kind regards, Felix
  10. No worries!! I thought SF90 towers had already been mentioned here, but I'm probably wrong!! Ooh sounds fantastic, I'd love to see one when it's finished Kind regards, Felix
  11. Hi everyone, I was just interested if anyone had designs for PL1/1B SF60 towers. Also, are there SF90 towers for 400kv series such as L6? Kind regards, Felix
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