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  1. Problem solved! 21C1 was spot on with advice and I've now done the soldering on one of the two units as shown below (shoe-bar also "weathered"). Thanks to all those who helped with this and if anyone is interested I ordered these two new X6575 complete drive units a fortnight ago from Lendons of Cardiff (no connection) for just £9.98 each, though I don't know if they have any left
  2. Thanks 21C1, I think that answers my problem. WIll do the soldering in the a.m. and report back!. Kennick
  3. Thanks for responses so far - DCC is not something I've so far used - but I can't see anything that looks to me like a plug, blanking or otherwise, just (I think) a suppressor - no other wires at all visible. Will take some photos tomorrow and post them. Kennick
  4. I've just taken delivery of two brand-new Hornby 2-Bil drive units for projects. They work fine if I apply power direct to the motor contacts but not if I apply power to the wheels or even to the pick-ups. This is exactly the same as a previous one I bought, when I had to arrange current pick-up from another bogie - but should they not work on their own ? Or is there some thing else I need to do? Can anyhone help?
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