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  1. Because people were gobsmacked to discover our “hero” had feet of clay...
  2. Wish I’d seen this topic earlier as I would have had a Tennant.
  3. As does the building on the former Case International Harvesters site on Wheatley Hall Road. My first serious girlfriend’s father worked there in the foundry. Horrible dirty place. Guess they’ve had to decontaminate the land before starting building.
  4. Back in 2006, when married, we bought a new 4 bed detached house on the former Markham Main pit top (Armthorpe, Doncaster). In 2007(?) we were on the fringe of an earthquake. The rumble and noise woke us up. My first thought was the shaft had collapsed! I decided it was a warning and sold the house soon after!
  5. Hi Can I thank Tony (I think it was he) for mentioning the chap selling the 4mm kit collection. His trading name is W M Collectables. I emailed him and he agreed to take a selection of kits to the Doncaster Toy Fair today. So now have three GNR coach kits and a Parcel Van. He is a very obliging chap and if you email him he will take a selection of kits to any show he is attending. No lists unfortunately. I could have spent a lot more! David
  6. Can I ask what grade of grit wheel you use please.
  7. Gauge obviously. But sleeper spacing, end diverging sleeper orientation, flat bottomed rail profile and just the fact it was a “unit” and did not flow. Plus the 12 degree standard as opposed to A/B/C 6/7/8 etc angles. There is nothing wrong with it as a product in my opinion but I think I just wanted more realism. This has lead to me attempting to learn Templot which is a whole other matter. Remember this hobby is supposed to be fun....
  8. I have the the track plan for Leighton Buzzard (minus the curve and gasworks) in Peco Code 75 all done along with folding 6 foot baseboards. Mirror image though to make the 3-ways work. But that’s as far as I took it due to my dissatisfaction with that code of Peco track, along with the gauge etc. Now on the faltering steps in EM gauge. And anyway, to me, it didn’t feel right to copy such an iconic layout.
  9. Following a recommendation on this very thread I bought one of these: https://www.circuitspecialists.eu/csi-premier75w-digital-temperature-controlled-solder-station-with-75w-soldering-iron/ I find it ideal as it has three presets so I have one set for white metal, one for brass etc. More than happy with it.
  10. Thank you. Site: http://www.wmcollectables.co.uk/index.php
  11. Tony The stall selling the loco kits. Can you remember their name? Do they have a website? Much appreciated if you do. David
  12. Have you seen the buyers and online premium! Rob dogs! But a great buy at the price really.
  13. They had a Class 25??!! Thought they were dyed in the wool steam men.....
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