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  1. Following with much interest. Especially for EM gauge. A range of larger radius turnouts, slips etc would be highly welcome.
  2. As a relative novice I’d say they are an excellent product. My small taster layout is coming along nicely, I may even enter the Chairmans Challenge. By cutting the webbing between sleepers they can be coaxed into a sweeping curve. Hopefully they have been a commercial success so more sizes are introduced. A single slip would be an enormous boost in my opinion.
  3. Glad it wasn’t just me reading to much into the instructions then! Enjoy the build and it would be good to see the occasional progress photo or two.
  4. The Cookson vice is well made. I’ve just checked the jaws and there is under a thou run out in the jaws over the full width at different opening depths. I also have the same maroon clamp on style vice shown in the thread and that has 18 thou run out over the full width at different opening depths (it got worse the wider the jaws were opened). You pay for quality and accuracy. PS I too hunt out older tools. In the main they are better quality and more accurate. It’s just the “supply” that seems to be contracting.
  5. Thanks for the information so far. Having read the instructions in detail several times and reread your posts on here I’ve concluded this kit is a step beyond my current skill level, and likely future skill level. Therefore to avoid it becoming lost in that fabled modellers black hole , the “round tuit” cupboard I’ve decided to give someone more skilled than I the opportunity. Better that than my cack handed ruining of an excellent kit. I know he follows this thread so he may introduce himself in here soon. Good luck with the build. I’ll follow avidly.
  6. Following a previous recommendation on here I also have the Cookson vice. It’s very well designed and manufactured. Thoroughly recommended.
  7. Good news for the C14. The Southern one, being much smaller, could be known as “Junior”.....
  8. I’ve got the 4mm one by Mike Edge as well. 7mm is proving to be a little addictive. Wish I’d never started.
  9. I didn’t know that. But I wanted one and one became available on eBay and I decided to pay what was required. It was more than I anticipated so if it does become available again I may have paid an over the top price.
  10. Very timely. Following with much interest as I have just obtained said kit. Being a coward I might wait until you have completed the build before commencing mine as you have much more kit building experience than me and might identify problem areas, ie the coupling rods already.
  11. Agreed. My hobbies are my escape from real world cares. My sanctuary.
  12. I have an Alan Gibson F6 in the kit pile but wasn’t overly impressed by the chassis. So I ordered one of these: http://website.rumneymodels.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/X.01-Marcus-Burrows-F4-5-6_Chassis_Instructions.pdf It uses pony trucks but integrates them into the CSB.
  13. What type of motor is in the Proxxon? I’m sure there was a thread on here about replacing the motor in a Unimat 3 with a sewing machine motor. It strikes me if the motors were similar you could use the sewing machine foot control to vary the spindle speed?
  14. Luxury. Sheer luxury. We dreamt of having a teabag. But it weren’t for likes of us. A taste of tea leaves and lick damp off t’cobbles were closest we got. Aye, and we were grateful.
  15. 17 teabags! Luxury, sheer luxury! When I were Under-Porter’s assistant rag carrier we had to make do with t’old grease from t’axle boxes in a cup full of luke warm water from water column next t’fire devil. And we were grateful....
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