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  1. Is the China Clay wagon available? If not please announce when it is. I have subscribed to this thread so hopefully I won’t miss it. Thank you.
  2. As a full time estate agent I can assure you your model railway will not be seen as a benefit but more of a hindrance. It is taking up valuable utility space and, if left, would require time and effort to remove with a possible cost if making good is required. The mantra is clean, tidy and presentable. Add to that declutter. Anything that makes your property look spacious helps the sale. A garage dominated by large baseboards will make the garage seem or feel smaller. And if you add to that the possible additional clutter of storage boxes and the paraphernalia of railway modelling you are in double whammy territory. If you have adapted the garage by adding insulation, semi permanently sealing up the door etc there is a minor advantage to mentioning it as a hobby room/gym etc but all the while stressing how easy it would be to revert to being a garage. PS Good luck in your sale!
  3. D-A-T

    York Show 2021

    No doubt the York Racecourse will be keeping a close eye on the St. Leger to see how that goes. It was going to be re-open to spectators but has just been declared a “Critical Incident” by Doncaster MBC, although that looks to be an administrative move so local Emergency and Logistical services co-ordinate. But if all goes well maybe York Racecourse will be in a better position to decide whether reopening is viable.
  4. Doubt you will get one at a “sensible price”. I had to pay through the nose to get mine.
  5. There’s mischief in those eyes.....
  6. Do you know if this book covers the Isle of Wight in the detail given in the book’s synopsis?
  7. As a builder of indifferent chassis I took the plunge and bought a Hobby Holidays jig. Since then I’ve built four chassis (rigid & Romford wheels) and they all ran by gravity straight off the jig so to speak. I can not recommend it enough. PS I’ve no connection with HH apart from being a very happy customer.
  8. Never in the field of railway modelling has so much been written by so many about so little a layout.... But I have to admit there are many good ideas being propounded on here that have given me pause for though over my little proposed layout. The lack of goods facilities being the main one. Oh well back to the drawing board.
  9. D-A-T


    Please put me down for one. Thank you.
  10. A very interesting thread which has left much to think about. My new layout is a slight variation on Iain Rice’s Harestone which is his interpretation of Minories. I attach a track plan prepared on Anyrail but I’m not quite happy with it, specifically the single slip access to the loco/turntable road and coal road. I guess I’m going to have to buckle down and learn Templot to obtain a bespoke formation that looks better. The layout is my first EM gauge one. Point work is mainly B7s. Era Pre WWI, Joint GNR & GCR. The fiddle yard is a Tim Horn revolving one I already have. EDIT: I agree with the comment about the designers “optimistic pencil”. The original design is 6’6” which is wholly impossible to achieve. The 7’6” shown here is the minimum I could do it in in order to achieve roughly the same platform length.
  11. I may have missed it on this thread for which I apologise but if not Mike Trice has a series of videos on his methods. They have given me the confidence to try.
  12. I don’t mind the delay, it saves the wallet! Then just need to hope we get a CDA and a Clay Hood at some point and my micro clay layout can finally emerge from my head....
  13. I take continual inspiration from this thread and many like it on here. But my work is nowhere near the standard on here etc so I prefer not to show it. But neither do I make any “snide” comments either because that would be hypocritical in the extreme. When I have something worth showing, and I remember to take photos, I will post it on here. Hopefully that won’t be too long as I’m rather proud of a C12 I’m currently building.
  14. D-A-T

    Kernow Models Adams 02

    No website I can find at the moment. I will keep checking back periodically to see if they get one. Does the shop have a direct telephone number?
  15. D-A-T

    Kernow Models Adams 02

    Thanks for that. I will check them out.
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