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  1. For those interested today and tomorrow are the last days for the sale. If you'd like to grab yourself one of my kits at a reduced price please click here
  2. I'm having an impromptu sale of all my 009 kits over on my website. You can check the sale out by following this link
  3. Hudswell Clarke and Kerr Stuart tanks take the Kato 109. The Ruston takes the Tomytec TM-TR02 and the Manning wardle takes the Life-Like 0-6-0
  4. Hello everyone. I produce a range of 3D printed resin body kits for 009. The current range of models are: Hudswell Clarke style diesel. For Kato 109 Kerr Stuart Skylark tram (Short Tank) For Kato 109 Kerr Stuart Skylark tram (Long Tank) For Kato 109 Ruston 48ds for Tomytec TM-TR02 Manning Wardle 0-6-0T For Life-like 0-6-0 All kits are priced at £25 + £4.50 UK p7P. You can view the models by clicking the links above the pictures or by clicking here. I also have the models listed on shapeways, here.
  5. Afternoon all, I'm pleased to announce that I'm now able to offer a physical copy of this book. You can order your copy through Blurb here, priced at £21.39 You can also view a preview of the book by clicking here. Thanks for looking!
  6. Spent an enjoyable few hours yesterday at Tanfield Railways "Run It Weekend". Below are a few of my images but more can be found on my website. “Twizell” at the head of a coal train shortly after leaving Causey Arch. 0-4-0ST “Sir Cecil A Cochrane” puts on a fine display as it powers away from East Tanfield. Recreation North Sunderland Train Tarmac DG8 Sentinel “ Hercules” at East Tanfield.
  7. I was at beckhole waiting for the s160 on the up goods. When the train appeared the 9f was on the front facing the wrong way. I didn't mind so much as it was nice to see the 9f out on the line. However one older gent shouted Boo! and gave the engine a thumbs down as it passed!
  8. I thought people may be interested in seeing my photos from the 2019 gala at the North Yorkshire moors. These pictures were taken on 28/09/19. J27 No.65894 & T2 (Q6) No.2238 double head a train away from Grosmont. Witherslack Hall passes over Grosmont Viaduct with a train for Pickering. K1 No.62005 & A4 pacific No.60009 “Union of South Africa” pass through Darnholme. 2253, King Edward II and 92134 at Goathland. If you'd like to see more of my images from the day then please click here.
  9. I spent a couple of enjoyable hours yesterday (21/09/19) at Tanfield for there 1940s weekend. No.49 and "Sir Cecil" were in steam. It was also possible to view Armstrong Whitworth diesel D21 which recently arrived at the railway from Beamish. Anyway on with the pictures! No.49 in Causey woods. Marley Hill shed is currently undergoing work on its roof. Pictured inside are "Twizell" and "No.2" Fowler Diesel No.4240010 under repair in the yard at Marley Hill. D21 inside the five road shed. The engine needs some work doing to it before it can run. And finally a photo of one of the military exhibits. Hopefully these images are of interest to some!
  10. I hope this is OK to post here. I've just completed a new Ebook which I hope is of interest to those who like industrial railways. The book is a photographic account of the many industrial railway heritage sites in the North East of England and Cumbria (95 pages, full colour). The price is £6.99/$8.45 and it can be found here. Railways included in the eBook are: Bowes Railway Tanfield Railway Beamish Museum North Tyneside Railway Threlkeld Quarry Museum Also included is a section dedicated to railways that rely on former industrial locos and stock to provide their services. These lines are: Aln Valley Railway Weardale Railway Stainmore Railway South Tynedale Railway Lakeside & Haverthwaite Locomotion Shildon
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