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  1. That'll do it, i can start looking for a jubilee now!! Thanks
  2. You have said everything I've said to myself!!! Life would seem so empty without a jubilee! Need a valid reason ( all be it a sketchy one)
  3. I have a ivatt 2mt tank plus a small prairie, for tender locos I also have a 4f along with the BR std class 4. So a jubilee would be a welcome addition!!
  4. Hi, did jubilee's run secondary routes and/or did they ever run tender first?.I Have a BLT Layout so no turntable, I know about rule 1 so i could run what i like, i would sleep better knowing they may have been used ( even if covering for a failed or repaired loco) thinking of the Bachmann jubilee or a if not suitable perhaps the Hornby black 5 All comments and thoughts appreciated Thanks
  5. Absolutely perfect Phil, love everything about it, noted the end loading change, fine by me, this is it, this is the track plan for me!! I dare anyone to find fault!!!! Thanks again,
  6. Not sure where this place exists, somewhere the LMS and GWR would cross over. Not keen on the southern region ( i dont like the green livery of the coaches and most of their loco designs) although I don't mind LNER. Might be a contentious comment eh!
  7. Think I prefer the original, with the tracks spaced a bit further apart
  8. Tbh i have no idea as to what difference that could and would make, it looks perfect as it is, that said i'm up for tweak here and there if it improves the overall operation. As for the bay as it is, I see it as (clichéd I'm sure) parcels and news paper traffic. I feel with 4 coach trains the station is a step up or two from a very rural BLT and therfore require a slight busier timetable, increase in traffic and with that a dedicated parcel bay. Might be a load of tosh but it kind of sits well with me!! Interesed to hear feed back on the inclusion of the y point and any other possible tweaks, Thanks
  9. Been hoping Mr Harlequin could square the circle, he's absolutely nailed it too. The guy is a genius. I can't imagine any alterations to that design. It's perfect, can't wait to build it!!!!!
  10. Thanks for your input David, the FY does look interesting to operate, plenty of storage and almost a layout in itself!!!! Plenty of great ideas to mull over. Will take your thoughts on the industry, may be a brewery?? well, I do like beer
  11. Not sure tbh, ive shown the wife it's a 2' board 10' long, she seemed ok with that. I suppose i could go to 3'?But perhaps taper the board as the single line leaves the station. With going wider I may have ro shorten the length due to there being wardrobe doors to the left of the base board. With a 2 ' board it only marginally affected 1 door, going wider may obstruct 2 and cause a family domestic!!! It would be nice to see a revised plan with the amendments if you wouldn't mind. And your thoughts on Lambourn. If we take Lambourn, would it be sacrilege to alter the track plan?? Are there any obvious changes to make?
  12. That's sounds interesting, are you thinking of shortening the platform then?
  13. I think I may have that saved as a screen shot , how can I attach that image? So i can see if we are on the same page, it does seem to lens itself to the size i have and It's one that I personally don't mind but I do like Harlequin's and I find his more interesting to operate. I'm putting my faith in Harlequin to find the solution!!!!
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