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  1. Dear readers from RMweb

     I started in 2018 with a plan to model killin junction and the branch line to Loch Tay in N scale. 

    The seed was put into the ground in 2012, when I found a picture of Killin Station. 
    After I moved to a bigger house I could start making a plan. Which will exist of 2 layers 1st layer killin junction, 2nd layer via a helix and a viaduct to killin station and Loch Tay.

    in 2020 I became a member do NGS and I bought a book callander & Oban railway. I’m busy building my own loc 0-4-4t In 2014 I went to Bo’ness to see the 0-4-4t but the real loc was dismantled, what a pity. 
    I’m searching for what type of coaches were used by LMS and de branch line C&R. 
    See picture how far I am now. 
    best regards 


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    2. truffy


      Yep, take Cap'n K's advice. This post will fall off the edge of the world, lickety spit.

    3. Killin0-4-4T


      Thank you I will consider it.

    4. Killin0-4-4T


      I have seen Argos and he makes nice things. so I wander if I should start my own Thread. 

      last 2 weeks I have been busy with the my cutter. I draw a the signal box of Killin junction from picture and cut it. 


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