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  1. Oh well promises fade, so now we have applied to the small claims court. A trader to avoid..
  2. My son has been showing an interesting in these. It has tweeked my imagination, but more along the lines of what could I do with and old Hornby loco boight off ebay for £30
  3. Oh well last week after seceral.threats on his FB oage that we would take him to small.claims Ben 'instructed accounts' to refund us (obviously some sort of multiple personality disorder there), and predictably no money has arrived thus far.
  4. It seems the way to garner a some what gruding response is to badger their facebook page. 'Waiting for thing to be in our warehouse'. Curiously, if one is not an offical Hornby supplier, with the current controversy about Horlby not fullfilling orders, chances you'd be able to supply a limited edt. Item would be about 0 I'm guessing?
  5. I suspect it's moving towards Hornby being a direct web supplier or selling through a handful of approved outlets where they can control the discounting.
  6. After the release of the DJM one Hormby decided that theirs was worth £5-10 less than the DJM one, I wonder if they will have the same policy with the EFE? Or will they bounce it into Railroad with simpler liveries and really undercut?
  7. With my Father in law having laid some track. I thought I'd switch out his dcc system for my gaugemaster combi and run some of my stock thats spend far too long in boxes. Ranging from an ancient Bachmann 04 (an ok runner if slightly noisy after 20 years in a box) to a Hattons Barclay. However oddly the star runner was an Hornby 'Kelly's Paperworks' 0-4-0 that I got for subscribing to BRM. Slow speed almost as good as the Barclay but a longer wheel base so no stalling, these things have certainly come on since my first Smokey Joe.
  8. Just as an update.... No communication fairly certain whatbwas ordered is now available, 'Bog Standard' Scotsman Set and the Dublo Limited edt. A4 set. Email enquiries not replied to. (Oddly facebook just love to target their ads onto my page). Regardless of the ultimate outcome, I'd stick with what I know Hattons/Rails/Kernow etc.
  9. A popular gambit in 16mm live steam, also always use silicon to affix the nameplates so you can change them.if you get a new one (wife or loco)
  10. What I'm finding odd is a simple analogue 12v dc controler with an uncontrolled 16v ac output seems cheaper than a stand alone 16v supply!
  11. If you are using analogue controls for points and turnouts, what do you use for a 16v ac power source?
  12. So slipped to Q3 but maybe further depending on production, oandemics etv
  13. So what's the likely delivery time??
  14. At the end of the day, you've had your money back and can purchase a new new Western.
  15. Is this thenright place for this, not thus far found where more likely. This must have been asked before, is it possible.in the trade section to split the annoucement froth, from the release froth for any particular item? So you don't have to.wade through 20 pages of stuff about whether it will have a coreless motor or this or that cad is wrong, to find out what the actual released item is actually like?
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