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  1. The original DRS livery certainly seem to be popular. Phoned up to pay for mine earlier, and they said out of 16 that came in, there were 2 spares. Picking it up tomorrow, can't wait.
  2. No, I quite like it. Visually, its a stunner and it's a massive leap forward from the older 20's. Then again, I only dabble in sound, and I can take or leave the marker lights as none of my other loco's have them anyway, so it would only show them up.
  3. There's 3 pre fitted and one in the parts bag. Guess not all examples had all 4 fitted? Cant think of why else its done this way.
  4. Does anyone know if the dioramas in the TB1/2 sets are full plastic or card with plastic relief? From the video at least the detail looks plastic. Can't tell what the walls are though.
  5. Thank you very much guys, glad you like it. No, after a while it fades into the model and I've forgotten about it now given how great it looks running around. Given how much of a good model this is, I think the seam is being overplayed a little tbh. Like you say, you can't see it from a normal running distance.
  6. The joys of working from home and a very tired baby, meant that I had a little bit of time this afternoon to have a play so if anyone's interested, then here's 1638 in GWR green doing its thing
  7. Mine are coming in at 14.48, 14.61 & 14.51. A lot better than a how a certain 94xx arrived...
  8. No, the (very detailed) instructions show the full top coming off in one. That join is a shame and keeps catching my eye already.
  9. Here's some quick pics of 1638 in the preserved GWR livery for anyone else who can't wait. Initially, the quality seems good, as does the weight. We've been spoilt with Panniers in 2021 already after this and the 94xx. We shall see how it runs later on after work!
  10. Apparently 1638 is on its way to me, so hopefully we shall see what it's like soon!
  11. That's very true and really exciting! It actually feels like something brand new for once. Be interesting to see what 1638 looks like in the preserved GWR green.
  12. The coal load is the standard lead design and is easily removed from underneath with 2 small screws. I took mine out to grind the top off and add real coal, but you could remove the full thing, fit it there with a plastikard lid? Doubt you'd notice the weight loss that much with the chassis. Other option would be some lead from the Panniers.
  13. Ouch! Shows its made of stern stuff at least!
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