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  1. This week apparently according to rails. I'm looking forwards to getting a set myself.
  2. I bought the green one which arrived today. I'm more impressed with the finesse and detail than I have been on any other model in the past few years. Really didn't expect it to look THAT good. No leaning either. Ps defo rule 1 for me as I model GWR, but at least I'll run it with clays so it's half way there.
  3. For anyone who's got one of the new release Wells tanks, how are they? Itching to get one now.
  4. I am. Says SO out of stock on your website though :-(
  5. Any pics of the Hymek's? Are they just a spit of the Heljan models, or updated in anyway?
  6. I've ran mine dcc fitted with a lenz standard for over 4 hours today, with no load, then loaded with some 60' Colletts and no issues at all. Admittedly only upto 5 coaches, but that's all I run on my layout. It runs very well at all speeds and no signs of stalling or hesitation. The only mod I made was to add some loctite to the front pony retaining screw. Ive a video but it's too big to upload to here unfortunately.
  7. Mines just had a lenz standard fitted and is on the rolling road. Will load it up shortly and see what it's like.
  8. I stopped watching his videos a while ago as his anti Heljan rants were getting too much. I might watch this one though, to see if there's anything to look out for with this new tooling.
  9. A quick one, but Is this any good? The shade is pretty much the same as an older Bachmann Prairie and not far off two Bachmann Panniers I've got in GWR green (they are a little darker).
  10. Here's GWR 4154 in the late afternoon sun
  11. I popped into my local model shop on the way back from watching Alberta pass through the dales, and ended up with amongst other things, a GWR Prairie. Ran like a treat in the shop on dc and looks great. Will get some pics up soon so people can debate the colour
  12. TMC are now saying that the 'Empress of England' , their limited edition exclusive of 233 in BR Blue with Indicator Discs is now in stock. Looks great on pics!
  13. Looks like the GWR liveried 4154 is next up, with some retailers saying within the next 14 days. Half thought it was due later in the year, so pleasantly surprised as this is the one I've been waiting for.
  14. Afternoon. Old thread I know, but does anyone know if R3225 (72xx Great Western 7233) has brass bearings installed, or was it one of the original batches? Many thanks!
  15. Here's a short collection of running clips including a run up the branchline, cab lights on/off, down the branchline, then a few fast shots at various vantage points. Absolute cracking runner.
  16. Negligable really. Certainly nothing to make me think it was loud. Going to do a little running video later so will try and post a link here.
  17. It certainly does, 6 internal clips (2 end, 2 middle, 2 end) and it pops off. There are no wires to mess with either with the internal lighting bar holding everything.
  18. Haha hadn't noticed until you said it. No he's sitting, but the seats are a bit high I guess. Will lob a bit off the pedestal when I open it up again, which by the way its really really easy to access the internals without using tools.
  19. Arrived today and it really is a stunning model with tons of detail. The lighting is comprehensive and the cabin well adapted to adding passengers with the low profile motor. Impressed.
  20. Don't get me wrong, derails do provide a good service. I've ordered from them before and will do again. The box shifter comment was not aimed at them. There's so many model shops, many of which do provide an excellent service. Just my personal preference to buy locos where I can from preservation groups and heritage railways.
  21. Yep, this is where I ordered mine from earlier this evening. Would always rather the money go to a preservation society or a heritage railway than a box shifter.
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