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  1. As mentioned on another thread about mental health and model making, I've been doing some stuff based on the book "The Iron Man" by Ted Hughes (which I'd been reading to Younger Child). Me and Eldest are going to be collaborating on some images as she's brilliant at illustration work, and I frankly wanted a non-railway model project as a pallet-cleanser after the Cakebox and Seaside Railway builds I did at the start of the year... The above are the first test shots, trying out the concept, whilst we were in Wales for the half-term.
  2. Ah well, if we're talking homework projects- not railway modelling, but Younger Child (year 4) got asked to make a model of a robot during the mini-lockdown last November. With a load of boxes (thanks to everything coming via post), we got a little carried away and made a robot costume. And then further carried away by quickly staging a forced perspective shoot, with her Airfix Quick kits, just before it was due to be (digitally) handed in... Very much "Pacific Rim" but on a 60's BBC budget Perspective doesn't quite work as we c
  3. I'd imagine it would probably be more economical for branch lines, especially those with weight restrictions, than having to roster a pair of 37's or loco/Dvt. I wonder if the existing Sprinter conversion they have is nearing being life expired?
  4. I wonder if any would be snapped up for preserved lines? An article in the previous KWVR house-mag speculated one or two might be useful for the 'community rail' type idea that's being kicked around at the moment. No idea how that would work as regards the accessibility/toilet issue though. I know the units are a bit boxy and uninspired, design-wise, but I have a soft spot for them after using the 153 on the Stourbridge Town line as a student. I'd like to see at least one preserved in use
  5. I think there probably are as many toy guns and things around now as there were in the 60's, but the difference is they're more 'sci-fi' and deliberately brightly coloured. I'm happy with this to be honest, as it is done deliberately by toy companies to avert the risk of some poor kid being accidentally shot by police/security forces, who can't risk the realistic-looking black-coloured revolver cap gun being mistaken for the real thing in the heat of the moment. A cursory glance at the toy section of places like B&M shows plenty of toy tanks, helicopters etc. I'd guess the diff
  6. It's interesting noting they went from 'real world' NATO branding, RAMC logos and so on, to the more generic 'Battle Space'. Would it have been a copyright cost issue, like with permission needing to be granted for the British Railways crests and so on? Or more like the recent business with U.N.I.T in 'Dr.Who' being reclassified as the Unified-Intelligence-Taskforce because the real UN didn't like the association of their name with the show? I seem to remember reading on the old "Simon Says" blog that the whole Dino Safari thing was a bit of a non-starter because the stock needed
  7. Not sure if the water crane is still there now, but it certainly was in 2007, the last time I used Sellafield station
  8. I love that second shot... Hornby could do something like that as a themed train set/train pack with a Peckett, one of their new generic coaches, and a Toad van
  9. I think the KWVR only ever had a pair of W&M Railbus units for the proposed passenger service, and they still have them both One in service, the other is in the Vintage Carriages Trust workshop at Ingrow stripped for a repair, I saw it the other week when I was there for a job interview. They picked up a 108 DMU in the 1990's (it's undergoing long-term restoration at the mo), a class 101 which is having lighter repair work done as it isn't really suitable for use right now, and they picked up a Pacer last year, one of the many the railway was storing for Northern when the first lockdown
  10. Thanks- the ground cover was a bit of an experiment, tufts of hanging basket liner, N gauge ballast, a bit of sand, and whatever odds and ends of flock and moss I could find in a box of scenic bits. I inherited a toolbox full of scenic bits years ago, loads of unmarked takeaway tubs and plastic bags full of scatter, flock, and all sorts of other bits, so I just tend to mix and match until it looks right... its a pity they're unmarked, as I've no idea of manufacturer or product codes for if I need to replace them! As for the armed driver, you've jogged a memory there. I'd forgotte
  11. I got chance recently to get some slightly better, less-rushed photographs of the diorama in the sun. Didn't half get some funny looks off the neighbours mind you, taking pics of this out in the garden... New backdrops- though they didn't come out too well. I bought some cheap board, sprayed them blue with white and grey clouds, left them on the drive to dry... then a neighbour down the road started power-sawing decking planks, and filled the air with clouds of sawdust and rubbish, so the blue sky is a bit lumpy and debris-strewn up close. The hills are flat card wi
  12. Cheers for the nice comments- the posters and things, and the little details, were fun to do. I'll agree, there is a weird uncanny valley effect with the figures- in this scale, figures are generally cartoony or caricatures, or action figures by the look of it, with some very nice (but quite pricey) 3D printed ones. The action figures tend to be much better proportioned, but all those points of articulation mean they stand out as unnatural, and whilst if the figures were mine, I'd have been tempted to pose them, filler the joints and gaps, and repaint them, I didn't think my foster-daughter
  13. Thanks- the figures dictated the scale really. I got into building the project right as the post-Christmas lockdown hit, so trying to work on a budget and make the best of what was lying around, I ended up using Dr.Who figures which were apparently scaled at around 1/10th. They're pretty easy to get hold of second-hand, most of the ones I used for this project belonged to my eldest, she got them from a nice second-hand toyshop that used to be in Settle. I'd agree the track is probably a bit on the narrow side, it was a legacy from the original model village design where the only track I had
  14. That looks really nice! A very eyecatching little machine, packed with character. I wonder how it would look with LMS Coronation-esque bands from the nose, up along the boiler?
  15. I'm not sure if the garage-space where the electric tram is kept is actually linked to the outside line. I've been to the museum a couple of dozen times, and yet I can't remember off the top of my head. I wonder if the museum would do better if it was located somewhere a bit easier to get to, as its quite some way out of the city centre, in terrace-house suburbia. And with the surrounding former quarry and farm land being turned into more housing, I think I'd be getting worried if I was working for the museum. The problem is, I can't imagine the collection being moved anywhere e
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