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  1. I’m so computer illiterate that I’ve only ever tackled things the old school way but it’s amazing what you can do if you know your way around the various programs out there isn’t it? I’ve had a proper read through of the thread now and it’s interesting as well as quite subtlety humorous I must say…
  2. That’s fantastic Graham. The photo with the light under the bridge is something else.
  3. I actually swore under my breath at the texture of the spanners on the bench. It’s amazing.
  4. Ah a quick pint from The Lighter please. Lovely!
  5. And that’s wonderful. Some lovely stuff in this thread, it’s always enjoyable dipping into it and seeing some of the stuff that people have created.
  6. Great photos there. Love the background.
  7. I wish people would be brave and weather their 0 gauge stock. Just doesn’t look right.
  8. Surely one of the strangest combinations ever featured on this thread? There’s something about the photo that looks right even though I know it isn’t in any way whatsoever!
  9. I just showed this to my other half and she said “Is that real or a model..?”
  10. Thanks John. Yes the weather isn’t great is it? The railway is very much set in summer but it’s nice to get a gloomy look to it with a bit of phone trickery… Not that pleased with the middle picture but it’s part of the story. This was the other angle I tried. Nick
  11. A gloomy day as the driver of a 33/1 waits by the box for further instructions. A Railfreight 31 having been hurriedly pinched from its allotted train heads through on the way to Exeter. Followed a little while later by the 33 dragging the failed class 31 and the late running freight to Riverside.
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