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  1. It looks so good Chris. Whenever one of your updates pops up I find myself gazing at the photos for ages! Here’s an interesting thing that you may not have heard before, but in the 90s where the points were at the London end of the passing loop there was a little colony of Glow Worms living on the trackbed! Seeing your recreation of the place keeps reminding me of little things like that. I wonder if they’re still there..?
  2. Oh man. As anecdotes go you’ve smashed it out of the park with that one!
  3. Some good progress this last few days Duncan. It’s starting to look like ‘somewhere’ now.
  4. Thanks Chris that’s really nice of you. Yes it is surprising what variety we got down here in those days. I’m intrigued by the post by Rich above where the guy seems to be saying if I’ve read it correctly that a Peak made it up to Lapford on one occasion? I know that they frequently went to Meldon but I didn’t think they ever went north of Coleford Junction? Re the 37s and 47s down this way I remember 37s being a bit unusual around Exeter until about 1987 and they became more and more common, and 47 wise there can’t have been many that didn’t reach here.
  5. I had no idea that they were even used... Very interesting. Sorry I haven’t been able to reply to much today but it’s been a bit hectic with one thing and another. I did build a few of those OTAs but I think I’ve improved my skills a bit this last few months and I wouldn’t mind having another go. There’s a couple behind the cement tanks here:
  6. I read the last post by @dogbox321 during my morning break and was trying to think how I was going to reply to it at lunchtime. May I just say thank you very much Rich! I remember it being covered in the linked thread but it would have taken quite a bit of searching. Nick
  7. I know what you mean. One of my most treasured memories is of seeing a 25 from the other side of the river at Bideford heading towards Meeth on a china clay train. It’s a line that’s remained unusual and interesting right up to the present day. I was very pleased to note that there’s still a couple of sidings and a mini loop just south of Barnstaple station the last time I went up there last year (as well as a few more at Crediton and the junction for Okehampton). It’s slightly like one of the Scottish highland lines in some respects.
  8. Hi Chris. Yes 50032 made it up there TnT with 50031 in 1990 which was the tour my friend was on. There’s a good photo of it here passing through Lapford on the way back: http://www.hondawanderer.com/50031_Lapford_1990.htm The run round loop at Barnstaple had been removed earlier in 1990 so at that point any freight for Lapford was shunted in the station area and there was a ground frame at each end of the site. Until 1987 (when Barnstaple still received freight and had a signal box) wagons for the yard were included in other trains that ran the length of the line and were dropped off in passing (do you ever get that uncomfortable feeling that you might have got something important wrong and you’re about to get pulled up on it..?) I hope I’ve got that right without getting too technical, but there’s a very interesting (and long!) thread on the subject here: And yes! Praise be for Dapol releasing the 33s and 50s. There’s no way I’d have attempted it otherwise. Nick
  9. This is true (there’s even room for some swings and roundabouts).
  10. I do envy your large speaker space...
  11. He may well have been the Ghost of Sausages past!
  12. Evening everyone. I thought I’d do a little fleet rundown as I took a few photos the other day, but first a big thank you to @jcredfer for taking the time to do a wee trackplan for me which is here: Now that’s better. Thanks Julian! Ok first up I have the Farish 2 car 108 and the Dapol dummy 121 Bubble Car: TMC supplied the 108 and I got them to weather it. I need to change the destination blinds on it at some point because it’s heading to somewhere up north at the moment... The 121 was a birthday present from my other half which I weathered myself and is perfect for the line in this era. Both of them have a bit of extra (although not necessarily correct) pipe detail on the outer ends. I’ve also disconnected the lights on the coupling end of the dummy. Next is the first N gauge loco I bought which is Dapol 33 - 33102: Again weathered by me (although I wish I’d read some of the tips that @Duncan. mentioned in his thread before starting). I also removed the coupling socket and added the buffing plate and some pipes plus the buckeye etc. The second loco I bought was the Farish triple grey 47 - 47209 Herbert Austin: I like the model but it’s probably the one that causes me the most problems with poor running... I seem to have to constantly clean the wheels and track to get any kind of decent tune out of it. I’ve weathered it a little and added some detail to the front but I wanted it to look fairly smart as it would have been a fairly new livery in the period I’m going for. Graham Farish 37 - 37035 in Dutch livery: I had to get this because around that time I had a run behind it towing an HST from Exeter to Plymouth and back... These Farish 37s do sit a bit high unfortunately with quite a noticeable gap between the body and the bogies, but I do really like it and it runs nicely. I bravely cut the NEM socket off one end and mounted the ploughs to the front bogie so that I could fit some pipes and whatnot on the bufferbeam. It’s also been weathered by me (I really don’t like the nose aerials). Dapol 33008 Eastleigh: The most recent arrival. As with 33102 I cut the NEM socket away and then adapted the snowploughs in the detail pack so that the centre one was removed and the outer ones were filed down to make them smaller as per the Southern Region 33s. It’s also had extra pipework/coupling etc added as well as a dose of weathering. Dapol class 50 50032 Courageous: This is another TMC weathering job. I actually sent them a load of photos of the real thing and I’m very pleased with what they did for me. I realised later on that the crests were missing by the time it became a ratty DCWA machine but I love it and it’s pictured above with my version of the Exeter spare set from its runs to Barnstaple around 89/90. This is my friends photo of the real 50032 at Barnstaple in 1990. What a filthy, disgusting, disreputable, wonderful machine: Apart from the above I’ve got various stock including Cargowaggons, VGAs, a Polybulk and a mail train that looks the part behind a 33 or the 50. Here’s a silly clip of the 50 on a van train at night... Although I’d like to buy so much stuff I’m trying to keep to the things I remember and that worked on the line. Next up has to be a 31 or two and I may well go for sound with one of the 31s. I particularly like the look of the refurbished 31/1 in original railfreight. Mmm....
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