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  1. I think the Tri-ang ones better represent regular crews of that era, while the Airfix top hat crew are more than likely correct for the Rainhill Trials.
  2. Well my plan to not buy any more model railway items has been thrown into disarray by this announcement, I cant not get one! Curses!!
  3. Sadly this project will never see the light of day as I am leaving the hobby (multiple reasons). Thanks again though everyone who helped and offered advice/info!
  4. Oh fantastic! That sounds like it would have been an amazing project. The info is certainly helping me with working out the sort of movements that I could realistically have. I was surprised to see MR 0-6-0 tender locos on there as in my very limited research (the wider internet is useless and the only books I have are the Steam on the Widened Lines) I haven't seen mention of their use. I've been meaning to backdate my 3F so would give me a good excuse to run it.
  5. Can I ask where you got all this brilliant info from?
  6. This is the only picture I have of the F Class, at Victoria station. It's in Steam on the Widened Lines volume 2.
  7. I actually don't know if any were un-condensed, I also know very little about the class as a whole. But I do know they are absolutely perfect for the Widened Lines! Like your plan I would be running it in SECR livery with Hattons 4 wheelers but modified to Widened Lines standards. I'm going to get an ex-LCDR R from South Eastern Finecast to also use on those services.
  8. A Martley F.....with condensing pipes? I might have a use for that! No, let me rephrase that....I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Very nice plan, I look forward to seeing progress on the layout. And I LOVE the shunter! Oddball/less known LU stock is marvellous.
  10. You can get 3D printed ones here including the WC&PR modified versions themselves.
  11. Can I also get a copy of the instructions for the 2 road Victorian engine shed please? Thanks
  12. Thank for those suggestions, and the offer of help. It is greatly appreciated!
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