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  1. Hi, That's the plan. I couldn't be more delighted that it's remaining here. The new owners are housing it in a railway carriage, not sure what the details are yet. I do hope they find time to take it out on the road as well. Cheers, Bill.
  2. Hi, Just to let everyone know here that the new owners of Glenfinnan are the Friends of Glenfinnan Museum. The layout will be on display at the museum and may possibly go out on the show circuit. Another chapter opens for this superb layout and to finish up on the West Highland Line makes me justly proud of what I have achieved with this layout. I can finally sleep sound at night! Bill.
  3. Hi, Just to let everyone know here that Glenfinnan has found a new home and where better than the Glenfinnan Museum on the West Highland Line. The Friends might even consider taking it out to exhibitions. Finally, I will be able to sleep at night. A fitting end. Bill.
  4. Hi, Wish you hadn't said all that! Kinda thought that Wick had that look of simplicity about it, hence the reason for choosing it over Thurso. As the thread was going to be titled Looks like Wick , thought I might get away with some details such as keeping the signal box, semiphores and even dropping in a goods shed just for the hell of it. I would be exhibiting the layout but I want to play with it at home as well. Is that wrong of me ? Bill.
  5. Hi, Not been on here in a long time, so I'll come straight to the point. There is no easy way to say this, but something has to give. With a new project on the go, and a distinct lack of space, then it is time to part company with Glenfinnan. So if you are interested in owning an award winning exhibition layout, get in touch. My thanks to everyone on here who helped out with various bits of info during the build. Watch this Space! Bill.
  6. Hi Andy,

    Can you please advise me. It is now time to part company with my exhibition layout Glenfinnan, featured here on RMweb. Can I do that here, and if so where? 

    Regards, Bill.

    1. AY Mod

      AY Mod

      Hi Bill, it would be necessary to be an RMweb Gold member to use the Classifieds. You have sent this as a public message, not a private message and to my old account.

  7. Hi, Firstly I must apologise for my non-appearance of late. However, after giving it some serious thought I have decided not to continue with Helmsdale. In simple terms, it is going to result in another large layout, approx 25ft long, which I do not have the space to both operate and accommodate. My plan was to advertise Glenfinnan but due to the ongoing situation that did not happen, but that now has become a priority. I haven't given up on the Far North Line as I am now looking at Wick as an alternative ! Can I just thank those of you that have helped me out with the various bits
  8. Hi Mark, Thanks for the info. Appears I'd been looking at the wrong item. Will be following your progress. Cheers, Bill.
  9. Hi Mark, Just catching up with your layout. The buildings are superb. Can you please let me have the correct description of the DCC Concepts track section that you are using to bridge the join as I can't seem to find it on their website. Cheers, Bill.
  10. Hi, Exactly!!! I had the same problem with Glenfinnan which started out as a circular layout and because I didn't have enough single line running to give the right effect it ended up with a 15ft scenic section either side, plus a 5ft fiddle yard. I think because I'm only going to model the station , the line from Inverness will appear from the scenic break under the road bridge. At the other end I intend to make the scenic break in the form of overgrown trees and bushes, thats the plan at the moment, unless I come up with something else for the Wick end. As I have said it w
  11. Hi, As previously mentioned, it will be tight as can be seen by this photo. This train has taken up almost 5ft of baseboard. I'm going to have to make compromises along the way but I've made the decision to continue with Helmsdale. Bill.
  12. Hi, Thought I might have a go at laying down some templates and see how the points will fit, it's going to be tight, but I think I can pull it off. The first photo shows the line from Wick, excuse the piece of card as I have run out of plywood. Not sure if I can accommodate the siding ( centre of photo) that originally went into the goods shed and remained there for some time. The second photo shows the cross over at the end of the platform at the north end. Finally, the third photo shows the approach from Inverness from under the road bridge. Hope this makes sense. Bill.
  13. Hi, Photos of Helmsdale are thin on the ground, unless I'm not looking in the right places. But boy when you come across them , what little gems they turn out to be . Like this one from Scott Borthwick of 26 037 at Helmsdale in 1985 and after having round empty stock off the unadvertised Wednesday only Inverness to Dunrobbin Castle waits for clearance. Or how about this one from David Mason of 37 414 arriving at Helmsdale in 1987 and having stopped just around where the signal box is , I would assume the rear of the train must just about have cleared the road bridge. I hve down
  14. Hi, Had an idea that might be the reply ! My problem is not with the length of the platform but more to do with the length of the cassettes. The platform will be shortened in any case, and using good old modellers licence, the odd coach will be dropped depending on passenger numbers and time of year. And oh ! I plan to set the time of year around the Autumn. Fancy having a go at something different in the way of colours. Bill.
  15. Hi , Thanks for that. It helps me to understand better the layout as was back in the day and how I want to set out my track plan. Bill.
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