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  1. Hi, In all honesty, I have only recently stumbled on this amazing layout! I too have modelled a real location - Glenfinnan station on the West Highland extension, but to be able to model so much in the space that you have is unbelievable. Can I enquire how you are operating your semiphores, and what mechanism are you using? Bill.
  2. Hi, At the risk of hi-jacking this thread , can someone point me in the direction of a replacement speaker to fit inside a Bachmann CL20 which is fitted with a Loksound 3.5 decoder. I want to get a better base sound. It presently has what looks like a 20 x 40 100 ohm fitted that has too much treble. I know there is a base reflex available but it looks too large. Is there an alternative ? Bill.
  3. Sorry Richard, you've lost me! How do I avoid connecting them out of phase? just for future reference. Bill.
  4. Hi, Thanks for the response to my question on wiring two Zimo speakers. Having fitted said speakers and after testing I was disappointed in the result. I immediately set about removing them and replacing the original base reflex speaker but before doing so decided to cut the wiring to leave a single speaker! Wow! where did that come from? What a difference in the sound. Less is best! Bill.
  5. Hi Richard, I have two small Zimo 8 ohm speakers which I intend to fit into the base of a Bachmann 37 which is fitted with a Loksound V4 decoder. Should they be soldered in parallel. Don't want to damage decoder, so thought I should get confirmation first. Cheers, Bill.
  6. Hi, I have only just come across your post about your proposed plans for a model of Glenfinnan. I have for the last 5 yrs been exhibiting on the UK show circuit my own version of Glenfinnan based on 1970/1980's practice which is featured on this site. If I can be of any assistance to you I would be only to glad to help. Regards, Bill.
  7. Hi,

    I noticed on one of your posts you made reference to the Digitrains Zimo sound file you obtained recently that it was a bit 'hissy '. I recently had the Zimo version V16.03 re-blown to the version V17.07 with the ' speedlock ' facility. Mine also has the same 'hissy ' sound to it, I even changed the speaker but it made no difference. I was going to check with Digitrains with a viewj to having it re-blown to the previous version as it sounded much better. I did post in the DCC sound forum but without much success.

    Regards, Bill.

    1. meanach


      Hi . Yeh my earlier one (in 407) sounds superb . I don’t know why the later ones sound more hissy. From an audio perspective, I’d say the sound has been copied too many times . I keep meaning to ask Digitrains at an exhibition.

    2. Dunmar



      Just to let you know that I have had my 37 reblown at the Perth show last weekend after Jeremy explained that they had some problems with it on idle. There is now a version 18 which is now much better and after having tested it extensively I can safely say it is much better.


  8. Hi Paul,

    Just wondered if you had seen my recent post in dcc sound section and whether you could add your comments.

    Kind regards,


    1. AY Mod

      AY Mod

      He has but there is a technical problem in him posting a reply.

  9. Hi, I have recently fitted a Digitrains Zimo V16.03 sound decoder to a Bachmann 37 for a colleague using a Zimo LS 40 x 20 x 09 speaker and the result is nothing short of spectactular. Some months earlier I had a similar version in a Vi-trains 37 , the only difference being it had a bass reflex speaker fitted to it, nonthe less it produced an excellent and clear sound. I then opted to have the decoder re - blown by Digitrains for the V17.07 version with 'Speedlock ' and whilst I was satisfied overall with the running properties I felt that the overall sound quality was not as good as the previous sound file in that there seemed to be a lot of background 'clatter ' whilst sitting stationary, much to my annoyance! I tried changing the speaker in case it was faulty but to no avail, the problem still persisted. I decided to shelf the problem meantime. It wasn't until I got down to do this recent sound fitting that I got it out again. I'm now looking at the possibility that something might have gone wrong during the re-blow or maybe the amp is damaged , but how can I find out. Can it be checked out on a programmer??? Regards, Bill.
  10. Hi Richard,Thanks for your reply, will have a go at fitting EM2 on its own and see how it sounds! Cheers, Bill.
  11. As part of the Scottish contingent I shall be there with my colleagues exhibiting 'Glenfinnan'. Please drop by and say hello! Bill.
  12. Hi, A welcome return to this popular show, and as ever some stunning layouts including my own ' Glenfinnan ' This is a Joint effort by Bonnybridge Club and Scottish Diesel + Electric Group which promises to bring the best there is in Railway Modelling including the clubs own ' Allanbridge ' layout. Get yourself along to the show which promises to be a great weekend. Photo's by Nigel Birkin. Bill.
  13. Dunmar


    Hi,Did you use the same CV changes on the Bachmann 47 as you did on the CL31? Bill.
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