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  1. Hi, With all the ballast now completed, I can now get on with the job of getting it and the track to look right. As with my previous layouts I tend to look at it the way I see it, rather than how it should look. In particular that part of the track which suffers from oil and diesel spillage which I haven't been able to master, but which I am determined to achieve this time. I started by spraying the whole of the track with Humbrol 29 Dark Earth from an aerosol rather than using the airbrush as its much quicker. This was followed by a wash of Sleeper Grime. When dry, a further wash of a mix of Track Colour and Sleeper Grime. A wash of Matt Black was used on the line with diesel spillage. Once I am satisfied with the tone of the colour, I will then proceed to dry brush the track to highlight the detail. Bill.
  2. Sorry to hear that Eddie, condolences to you and your family. Take care. Bill.
  3. Hi, Slightly more progress on the layout by way of some airbrushing to the track. Some early weathering has been applied prior to ballasting. I shall be carrying out a fair bit of experimenting with the weathering in due course. I also want to use as little ballast as possible so that it appears to have been down a long time. A planned trip to a nice little cottage in Dornoch for a few days next week will enable me to get to Wick to get some pictures and measurements. That's more progress. Bill.
  4. Know the feelin' well Eddie! I went through a similar phase when building Glenfinnan and am going through some of the same with this latest effort. ie, layed down a whole load of ' pinkish' ballast, didn't like the look of it and lifted it all back up! Would rather get in the MG, hood down and go for a drive! Bill.
  5. Know the feelin' well Eddie! I went through a similar phase when building Glenfinnan and am going through some of the same with this latest effort. ie, layed down a whole load of ' pinkish' ballast, didn't like the look of it and lifted it! Would rather get in the MG, hood down and go for a drive! Bill.
  6. Like the look of Tim's sector board. Interesting that it came ready built. I'm not sure whether to go for cassettes or a sector board? Be intereresting to see how you go about getting it to operate. Bill.
  7. Hi, I have Photoshopped some images from Streetview and will re-scale them to suit. The station building will be similar to that which exists at Wick and I have been collecting materials to enable me to scratchbuild something similar. I hope to start ballasting shortly as I need to get the point motors fitted soon. Bill.
  8. Hi, Progress has been pretty slow. Have been laying out some foam board to build up the road level which will be finished off with mounting board for the road and platform surface.
  9. Hi, Been some time since I posted pics here and seem to be having bother posting more than one in my post. Can someone point me in the right direction. Has something changed, can't believe I've forgotten!!! Bill.
  10. Hi, Finally got round to getting power flowing into scenic board one. DCC bus in and droppers soldered and tested, all working. Next will be scenic board two and then eight Tortoise point motors. Will also shortly embarking on a mock up of the station building which will be based loosely on that which exists at Wick.
  11. Hi, No! didnt get it right so here is the first of the bus wires going in. And oh! I'm looking to do less soldering, it's not that I'm not good at it. It's just that it's a pain in the *!!? Bill.
  12. Hi, This board contains the approaches to the station via the curved point and just below that two spurs, one for a small maintenance depot and the other for a refuelling point. Both will be scratchbuilt. If I can load the photos right I will show the bus wire going in. Bill.
  13. This photo shows the approaches to the station which from under a large stone road bridge and the track will be dwarfed by large stone walling stretching towards the platform for some distance and a working signal box and semiphores to boot. That's the plan anyway!
  14. The next photo shows where I intend to build the station building similar to that which exists at Wick. Provision will also be made for a timber loading yard next to the station.
  15. Hi, Yes its me! Well I did say it would be some time before things would start to happen. Finally got some track down. You can see by the photo, which is an overall view of the two scenic boards which are 10ft x 20ins. I decided I would use my existing stock of C+L code 75 track and Peco code 75 points.
  16. Yep! I knew there had to be a reason!
  17. Hi, Today I said my goodbyes to Glenfinnan! I can now crack on with the next project. Over the next few weeks I will be busy laying cork sheet, track, and wiring and fitting points and point motors. Oh! the joys!!! I will wait until I have something to show before I post again, so I may be some time. Meantime I have prepared the boards and a couple of rolls of cork sheet with primer for starters! Bill.
  18. Sorry Eddie but it has to be said that Royal Tiger is ' bugging' me, its too ' townie'. What you need is something more ' countryfied' like this PS1. Them that knows me say I might know what I'm talking about. Just saying! Then again, you might have your reasons for a long haul coach!
  19. I take it Martyn you're referring to the modern version? I don't mind a challenge, as I normally scratchbuild. But, I did think I could use one of them as a basis for a depot shed. Will give it some thought. Thanks. Bill.
  20. Hi , As I will be using my 70's / 80's existing stock with a few more additions , I had been looking at the Scalescenes offerings and wondered how they would fit in with my era. I'm leaning more towards the older of the two buildings. I had thought of building my own from foam board and mounting board and covering with Scalemodelscenery textured papers, , but wondered what folks thought of Scalescenes buildings in general. Bill.
  21. Hi, With the impending departure of Glenfinnan fast approaching and in my efforts to avoid severe withdrawal effects I have finally decided that this will be the planned project. Having had to ditch Helmsdale due to space restraints and wanting to build Wick, but being put off with the lack of facilities for my chosen era, I decided on a compromise. Laggan Bridge will be a fictitious location, although the Laggan I had in mind is taken from the place just south of Invergarry. Only in my case I have moved it some several dozen or so miles north of Inverness. As can be seen from the plan I intend to use the available space to include a small loco servicing area and fuel depot along with a timber loading and holding area. I also intend to construct my own version of the station building at Wick and a diesel servicing shed typical of the type found in the area. Whilst my MSE signals never made it to Glenfinnnan I have every intention of ensuring that they do make an appearance on this layout. Bill.
  22. Thanks for your reply Eddie. Glenfinnan has been purchased by the Friends of Glenfinnan Museum and will be on permanent display in due course. Bill.
  23. Hi Eddie, Hadn't found the time before to comment on your progress as I have been busy getting Glenfinnan ready for moving to it's new home. Great to see how the layout is coming on. I am particularly interested in the Scalemodelscenery tiles as I have plans to use them on a building based on Wick. I take it by your own comments they seem to be ok ! Bill.
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