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  1. Are there interior lights in this model?
  2. Will the Dapol Imperium decoder work all the lights on these models?
  3. I read somewhere that Dapol will only sell sound fitted models direct from Dapol is this the case if so wondered why?
  4. I need help regarding the loco to tender coupling, has anyone come up with better system than the chrome metal connector with the two holes in to connect to the tender? On my model the tender pin is so small the coupling keeps coming adrift Help.
  5. Not sure if this is relevant but I acquired. A used Dapol mogul with sound and so far running is as good as any other locos I have. Regarding gearing I’m lucky mine runs at really slow speed and sound is to my ears perfect, has there been much variance in performance with these locos?
  6. I haven’t read thru all the posts but does anyone know if there will a sound version?
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