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  1. I have the dc kits sound decoder does anyone have a list of decoder functions as the sound-decoders use 1 thru 10 for sound. Tia
  2. Will sound versions of the Manors be available from local model shops or only direct from Dapol?
  3. Set up for rail car but since spoken to Charlie Petty who kindly agreed to have it back and sort it for , I was impressed his level of service I sent email sat night and agreed route forward same night. Very impressed
  4. Shud say NCE controller not
  5. I have fitted an ESU sound decoder to my rail car but can only operate a few of the various light options on the rail car, the lights work on non sound ESU decoder. I have tried using the higher f numbers on the nice controller but no success. Any ideas anyone? Terry
  6. Are there interior lights in this model?
  7. Will the Dapol Imperium decoder work all the lights on these models?
  8. I read somewhere that Dapol will only sell sound fitted models direct from Dapol is this the case if so wondered why?
  9. I need help regarding the loco to tender coupling, has anyone come up with better system than the chrome metal connector with the two holes in to connect to the tender? On my model the tender pin is so small the coupling keeps coming adrift Help.
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