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  1. It was great to see your layout at Whitehead last Saturday. Thank you very much for bringing it all that way to display it. It was impressive and very high tech.
  2. The GNRI S class is one of Tony Ragg's on his Standfording layout. The engine shed and stables block are both copies of the ones at Whitehead Excursion Station. The Whitehead show was well attended yesterday despite terrible weather. Thank you to all the exhibitors, RPSI volunteers and visitors who helped make it such a fun day.
  3. Great to see Capecastle yesterday at Whitehead Patrick. It really captures the NCC narrow gauge. Thanks for bringing it along.
  4. Here's a GNRI S class in 'Thomas' livery for you John. Hope you can make it to Whitehead tomorrow for the RPSI Model Railway Day.
  5. Whitehead Model Railway Day starts at 10am tomorrow, Sat 9th November 2019, and is on all day until 5pm. Most of the layouts arrived today and only require fine tuning and a bit of track cleaning in the morning. Two fantastic O gauge layouts are on display: Tony Ragg's Stanfording featuring Wonderful Whitehead itself and John and Peter Smith's superb Saltdean- a recreation of the London Brighton and South Coast Railway in the 1880s. This is the first time Saltdean has been shown in Ireland.
  6. Here's the pdf file showing the museum layout for this Saturday's Whitehead Model Railway Day. Model_Railway_Day_Guide-1.pdf
  7. Whitehead Railway Museum's Shell Oil tanker wagon will be on display at Whitehead Model Railway Day this Saturday 9th Nov 2019.
  8. The RPSI's Irish Shell wagon will be on display at Whitehead Model Railway day on Saturday 9th November 2019.
  9. The first layout to arrive at Whitehead for Model Railway Day on Saturday 9th Nov 2019 is John and Ian Sinclair's 'Dunster' OO scale line. As one of the event organisers, Ian is having a well-earned rest here with harbour engine RH Smyth behind
  10. Sorry you can't make it this Saturday but it's worth a visit at any time.
  11. Here is a full list of model exhibits as of this evening. This is in addition to all the normal museum displays, full size steam trains rides between Noon and 4pm and coffee and scones in the dining car available all day. Electronics for Model Railways Model Electronic Railway Group Hornby O gauge clockwork Debra Wenlock Vintage Far Tottering and Oyster Creek Railway John Pollock Novelty Trebor’s Park
  12. Look out for this fantasy layout on Saturday 9th November 2019 at Whitehead Model Railway Day. Dave from Stradbally is bringing an N gauge layout that had been built specially for the event. Dave has produced a layout in an attache case which he describes as having a slightly grim pseudo-Soviet aesthetic. It is populated with robots that he designed himself and had 3D printed in France! This layout also includes a Tractor factory. Unmissable!
  13. A layout to look out for this Saturday 9th November 2019. Dave from Stradbally is bringing an N gauge layout that had been built specially for Whitehead Model Railway Day. Dave thought it would be fun to produce a layout that would fit in a attache case, which the kind they used in spy-movies from the Cold War era. It's a simple oval loop, combined with a slightly grim pseudo-Soviet aesthetic and representing Dave's love of Robots and agricultural machinery. Dave takes up the story- 'Listening to shortwave English-language broadcasts in the 1970s, such as Radio Moscow and Radio Prague, I
  14. Hi Keith, The only sales stand will be the Railway Preservation Society stall mainly selling books. There are 31 layouts promised as well as full size steam train rides. The star layout Saltdean from England on its first ever appearance in Ireland should be worth a look. Hope you can make it along. cheers
  15. LMS NCC North Atlantic Brake carriage No91 got some lovely new lining applied this week in time for Whitehead Model Railway Day this Saturday 9th November 2019.
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