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  1. Railway Sleepers’ Planet XVI is currently undergoing maintenance to allow it to be split into three sections, for ease of transport, and will be exhibited in next year.
  2. Thinkbox has S2E5 in 21st place with 658k veiwers. interestingly Live viewing was massively down, to 256k. https://www.thinkbox.tv/research/barb-data/top-programmes-report/?tag=Channel5
  3. Hi Hicksan, The laser work was all to our own designs. We created kits prior to the show, and assembled them on-site. A few of the designs are being worked-up and will be commercially available in OO or N. James - Railway Sleepers..
  4. it's disappointing that KBG weren't a little more consistent with this. We were told the audience was 18+. My two daughters are train-mad, and would have loved to have attended. if fact they've a big part of the reason i applied to be part of the show in the first place.
  5. Yes - Planet XVI was saved from the skip... It is most of the way through a slow restore with portability in mind. including running the LED billboards off 12v power supply rather than 9v batteries. ... and we aim to exhibit it somewhere, at some point in the future.
  6. thanks, the galaxy express coaches were ones in used on my childhood layout, 35 years ago. A BR mk1, LNER sleeper and LNER brake. Airbrushed silver with blue stripes to match the main stripes on the Queen Elizabeth. The coaches were upgraded with sitting passengers, and coach lighting. The overall colour of Blue and Silver matched the white and blue of the city, and even the blue and white of our team shirts. The loco was chosen because of its sleek ‘futuristic’ overall look and it’s bold colour.
  7. ... so did we. in fact, if you take out the scores from the much-maligned scratchbuild challenge, then the Railway Sleepers would have had the second highest points across all heats. :p
  8. Hi Chris, Planet XVI was not meant to be Mars, or any other particular known planet for that matter. Instead it was a random generic sci-fi planet. In our early planning we settled on the sci-fi elements of the heat's theme "The Sky's The Limit/To Infinity And Beyond/Space Race" - just unfortunity the theme was truncated to just "the sky's the limit" on the day. James (Railway Sleepers)
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