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  1. Hi Clive, For me it's more to do with consistency, as well as the flush glazing. Bachmann's mark 1 sub's are probably the oldest model in their range and the chassis in particular is very clunky. With the likes of replacement BG underframes from Replica, I think a much better result can be achieved. They will also have better compatibility with my class 501s (also made from 2-EPBs). I'm not a big fan of Laserglaze on multiple windowed coaching stock, as each pane needs to be fitted square, otherwise the reflected light highlights any discrepancy. Saying that, Laserglaze works well for loco cabs. I've probably made a rod for my own back with the extra work required, especially with the detail required on the coach ends, but as with most things trainsetty, it's all about the fun of doing it and enjoying the end results.
  2. It's not just the rolling stock modelling that makes Loftus Road special, it's everything else beyond the railway boundary that gives this layout a sense of a time and place - the attention to detail is some of the best I've ever seen.
  3. Thanks chaps.... It'll be good to get these finished and running, and will keep you posted on progress. When I lived at Potters Bar I vividly remember lying in bed at night listening to that 18 cylinder roar. With the wind in the right direction you could hear them heading north flat out as they exited PB Tunnel and by the time the station was reached the engines shut down after the long climb from Kings Cross, as they coasted towards Brookmans Park. Ahhhh, great memories.
  4. A new start for the new year is a 'long on the shelf' project - a rake of inner-suburban 57ft 'Block Enders' as used out of Moorgate / Kings Cross. There's nothing like a challenge set down between Paul J and myself, as he has decided to make a start on some Finsbury Park allocated Brush type 2s..... probably one class of loco which has been missing from the Hornsey Broadway roster for a long time. So to go with them, the challenge has inspired me to get moving with the sub's. The bodies are made up from some redundant Bachmann 2-EPB units, suitably shortened with a new blank end. This week has seen the start of some end detail, so hopefully the rake of S S S BS S S should be finished in time for the layout's next outing in June, as it's always good to show a selection of new stock whenever a show comes along. Now Paul, there's no getting out of your commitment either!!
  5. ..... And finally for this update, a couple of Hornsey regulars. BTH type 1 number D8242 & D8224 at the head of a southbound mixed freight. Paul's Park Royal class 103 DMU waiting at signals for the road ahead. It just remains for me to wish you all a Happy New Year, and thank you to Paul for taking the snaps.
  6. .... and some more visiting motive power from the Eastwell fleet, starting with English Electric type 1 number D8030, a Stratford allocated example complete with tablet catcher apparatus. Baby Deltic D5908, also reworked and finished by Paul, to include modifications to the headcode box, nose ends and cooling group grills.
  7. Time for an update methinks - there's not been a lot of modelling activity of late, but regular trips to the lineside is an enjoyable pastime, and it keeps the rails shiny BR Sulzer type 2 number 5007 is seen at Hornsey Road depot - a SLW model recently introduced into the Shenston Road fleet, finished and weathered by Greg. Bulleid 1-co-co-1 number 10203 also finished by Greg to include the missing beading from the bodyside.
  8. Tony, I think you're going to have to do better than guessing. You will need photographic evidence with the correct dates before such a thing happens, otherwise it might just be a pretend gesture and almost certainly not covered under the Write Wrules. Interesting thought nonetheless.
  9. Something like this?
  10. Nice idea Clive ....... no doubt inspired by the mirrored ceilings in your bedroom?
  11. Ideally you need to 'plant' the grass the colour it's going to be, rather than try to alter or paint the colour afterwards. I'd suggest dying the basket liner to your chosen colour, then lay it once it has dried, and perhaps add different fibre tones to enhance it afterwards.
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