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  1. This is part of what fascinates me with the Allhallows branch, especially towards the end of it's life there seems to be all sorts of wierd and wonderful combinations of loco's/stock running on it, as well as the fact that the early part of my railway career was spent on the South Eastern section of British Rail (Long after it's closure!) around the Medway area including Hoo Junction yard and the Isle of Grain branch etc.
  2. I have just ordered issues 3 and 4 (Volume 25) using the Guideline Publications website but they didn't have issue 5 available! Never mind, i'll probably give them a ring and make enquiries. I also took out a 12 Month subscription! Lol! Best wishes, Jim.
  3. Excellent! Thanks ever so much! Best wishes, Jim.
  4. Hello, I have only just seen your post by perusing through previous pages! I wonder if you could tell me the magazine numbers of those 3 issues please? I'm very interested in anything to do with the Allhallows branch and it's workings as my home layout is closely based on it, currently under construction, all the track is laid, wired up and working. Lots of research done so far but i wonder if there are still some pictures around showing aspects of the branch that i haven't seen yet and thought that maybe i could order them as back issues, your help in this respect would be very much appreciated, if not, i still thank you for pointing these out! Best wishes, Jim.
  5. Hello Hugh, I have both those kits unbuilt at present.... I'll scan the instructions and send them to you or i could just copy them and post them to you? Jim.
  6. Ooer! That's what i thought it was supposed to do! Lol! Thanks for the diagram Ron, my diagram isn't to hand now, I've locked my shed up but I'm sure those extra 'jumper' wires aren't shown on it, so it seems the auto switch does do the work for you in that configuration! Gee! Great! Thanks again, Best wishes, Jim.
  7. Ah! So i do need to wire in a switch..... Thank you! I was at first presuming the auto switch did all that, (Thinking that was the whole point of it!!) doh! Best wishes, Jim.
  8. Hello, It's me with another question! I have a headshunt on my layout (OO gauge) with both running rails isolated from the main layout but with droppers soldered in via the NCE auto switch wired according to the diagram, the programming track works fine when the Powercab is in programming track mode and it switches off the main layout etc as it should no problems. When the powercab is in normal use playing trains etc the headshunt is dead hence i can't drive a loco onto it, should i be wiring a switch in somewhere to liven it up while in 'normal' operation so i can switch it off after driving a loco onto it before going into program track mode please? If so, is there a way to wire it through one switch as there is obviously two rails that need livening up with seperate polarity for feed and return isn't there? I hope someone can make sense of what I'm asking! Lol! Thanks ever so much! Best wishes, Jim. P. S. I'm thinking maybe a double pole double throw on/off switch wired correctly would keep the two rails different poles seperate but switch them both on and off at the same time perhaps? I'm no electrician so only guessing!
  9. Lol! "Don't tell him Pike!" Best wishes, Jim.
  10. Ah! Thank you, i can't say I've seen any Black stripes except on wagons but the Grey on coaching stock is really what I was wondering about. Yes, it does seem to be mainly on the brake section so that would make sense from a parcel or mail loading point of view, especially in the case of multiple portioned trains that detach coaches en route, thank you! Best wishes, Jim.
  11. Hello, Can i ask anyone who may know why did (Mostly 1950's i think) alot of coaching stock have Grey strips of paint on the body sides? It seems to me that it was covering something, maybe a number or lettering or even a change in classification perhaps? I'm only guessing but it would be interesting to me to know! Thanks ever so much, Best wishes, Jim.
  12. Very reassuring.....Thank you! I have a plug in transformer supplying the tortoise units separate to the DCC system too, with a power distribution board so the same transformer will be supplying my electromagnets (For DG couplings) which are installed but not yet connected and eventually servos for the signals are planned. All I was expecting the DCC to do was control the trains but as I've found out the tortoises need a track supply if you want to liven the frogs! I'm on quite a large learning curve at the moment so all advice and reassurance is most welcome! Thanks ever so much! Best wishes, Jim.
  13. I connected extra droppers to all the tortoise units from the track bus to terminals 2 and 3 and with the wire from the frogs to terminal 4 all is working fine! Had shorts on a couple of the turnouts when the loco reached the frog but I just swapped the wires to terminals 2 and 3 around on these and that sorted it, mainly I think due to the fact they were on turnouts forming crossovers so obviously the polarity had to be changed on those as they were opposite each other, i'm learning! I know a little bit more about tortoise units now! LOL! Thanks to everyone who contributed, Best wishes, Jim.
  14. I think i get it now..... The Amperage is more to do with the capacity rather than the actual current or Voltage flowing through!?!? (You might have guessed I'm not an electrician!)
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