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    The more obscure corners of Britain's railways and the remains thereof.

    Current layout in progress, Aston On Clun, a fictitious GWR backwater in rural Shropshire. Basically a collection of wooden huts in a field with pretentions of profitability. An excuse for small outdated engines and pensionable stock.

    All the usual stuff, art, music, film etc luvvees...

    Vintage motorcycles, cars, militaria and anything else related.

    Yes, that is my actual name.

    It turns out that On the buses wasn't in fact a documentary.

    Last but not least, Miss Riding Hood, who doesn't just tolerate my eccentricities, she actively encourages them, if only to deflect my attention from her own quirks.
    She also shares my belief that the world probably ended sometime around the mid 1960s.

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  1. Good point, the old chestnut that a model railway is never truly finished springs to mind.
  2. Perhaps on the new products page someone else is advertising a time machine so that you can go back to 1986 and buy a rake of W1 cattle wagons?
  3. MrWolf

    Little Muddle

    Very neat job you've made of building those. I've pinched your idea for bracing the sides with scrap plastic. How do you manage to lose the moulding lines on the buffers so neatly?
  4. A little more bodging using scraps of plastic has braced the sides to stop them bowing inward where the roof joint is weakest, I don't know why I hadn't thought of it before. Thanks go to Kevin @KNPfor sharing the idea on Little Muddle.
  5. It's a Commer, from I think, 1905. Originally a double decker, it was used on rural routes where low hanging trees made the top deck unusable. It was cut down c1912 and the upper part used for carrying parcels.
  6. MrWolf

    EBay madness

    Definitely, when you break it down like that it's not that expensive and if you're building it for someone else you can't cut any corners, everything has to work right and look right. I don't restore motorcycles for anyone else, despite getting asked. This is because they have had a quote elsewhere and are looking to get the job done cheaply so that they can make a killing when they invariably sell it a fortnight later. If I buy a bike for £1000, spend £5000 on materials, parts and services to do the job properly, the remaining £3000 I get when selling is the labour costs.
  7. Thank you Russell, I hope that I can do the valley topography justice! Old buses are fine on here, just don't leave boxy new ones on bridges though! This one belongs to a relative, it's about as old a bus as you can get.
  8. MrWolf

    EBay madness

    Yet I still get the doom sayers telling me that there's no money about....
  9. As if to prove the point, the last Iron Mink is a 50 year old version which was in the carded plastic bag package. For some reason, the plastic of the really old Ratio kits is very brittle. Therefore I managed to snap the brake lever whilst trimming off the flash (none of that on the newer kits either.) So I substituted one that was spare from a Cambrian kit where I had used the DC brake. It won't show when painted! Maybe...
  10. No, they're all metal, not sure what they are (possibly Jackson?) which came with two of the kits. I learned a long time ago that plastic kit wheels always mean lousy running and a raised centre of gravity and regular derailments. Whenever I open a kit, the plastic wheels, fragile pseudo Tri-ang couplings etc go in the bin. Alternative parts I don't need go in the spares box.
  11. I have in the past worked on various control system logic circuits. Not my favourite toy at all. I've never had anything to do with DCC, largely because some of my locomotives are older than I am.
  12. Have you tried verbal abuse?
  13. Crossing keepers house based on Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Railway examples, though the measurements were actually taken from an identical house on the Garstang & Knott End Railway. I'm still working on it, along with half a dozen other buildings for my layout.
  14. Maybe spend another £1 on a roll of insulation tape? Those tufts look good though, they remind me of those moorland boggy patches.
  15. There are two possible responses to that post. 1. Hope that you're okay and can get yourself a better applicator. 2. It's very selfish of you to electrocute yourself like that when none of us were there to point and laugh.
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