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  1. No more flammable than the layout materials. Our garage is an ancient home made corrugated iron lean to thing. I lined it with timber and kingspan styrene, on the grounds that the only thing in there likely to start a fire was the car. In which case it wouldn't make a lot of difference what the garage was insulated with.
  2. Thanks, they will pass for c1940 no problems.
  3. If your first train set was something very secondhand, as mine was, people could get the wrong idea about your age!
  4. The railcar is safely back in its box for now, but if anyone can recommend some good quality passenger figures please let me know! I've been busy with earning a living so not masses of work done on the layout. That said, materials have arrived and I have been cutting out the front wall of the station building for windows and doors. The windows started off as the Peco sash window frame from their windows and doors kit. (The green one on the left) I cut out the horizontal bar from each sash for the look I wanted. As the building is meant to be external framed with mouldin
  5. MrWolf

    Pen y Bryn

    Looks like Evans needs a couple of pints of 2 stroke mixture and a box of matches.
  6. MrWolf

    Bovey Tor

    Great piece of modelmaking. I always feel that the lesser buildings on many layouts are neglected detail wise. I can see that's not going to happen here!
  7. Sixty years later and he would be wearing a hi Vis coat and watching the sink hole from the comfort of his new Audi...
  8. MrWolf

    Little Muddle

    I have found over the years that true white or true black doesn't look right on a painting, a model or something old you are renovating / replicating, such as old handpainted vehicle number plates. I use flat white (titanium) added to which is a tiny spot of charcoal grey (Payne's grey) and a tiny spot of yellow (Naples yellow) For that leaky paraffin lamp, whiter at the top and add a little more yellow towards the bottom. Judging by the paintwork on the rest of Little Muddle, in @KNP s case I might just be preaching to the choir, but it might be of interest to someone.
  9. MrWolf

    Pen y Bryn

    Brilliant stuff, the whole post puts me in mind of my paternal great grandparents house in the Midlands. He had been wounded in WW1 and used the lean to as a workshop, no PIP payments then! The attic was Scots boarded as another bedroom and six people shared the house, of which eight were built by a small brewery. Running water was a tap in the yard shared between two houses as was the outside toilet. They were condemned in 1939, but still lived in c1960 and not demolished until about 1975.
  10. A few passengers do make a difference, I suppose that a driver might be adapted from something military, platform staff, a diesel crew or lorry driver in the right sort of attire?
  11. This is the sketch I was trying to upload re the likely arrangements of the drive rope on the gibbet crane and the dual drive gears to operate it.
  12. FINALLY I can give you a crane plan and building layout. Walton on Thames LSWR So hopefully you see just how right version 12 definitely is!
  13. That's a very neat piece of work, look forward to seeing it develop!
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