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  1. If you hadn't told me otherwise, I would have thought that the word BRAKE had been hand painted, rounded ends to each capital.
  2. I do know a guy who says that he won't start a project until he has all the missing parts. He is in his seventies, owns over 250 motorcycles and in the thirty odd years that I have known him, I have never once seen him riding one. As you were, Private.
  3. Is it a plan so cunning that you could stick a tail on it and call it a fox?
  4. MrWolf

    Little Muddle

    As children a derelict place like that would have been a magnet. It looks so like the places that were everywhere before every barn and shed became a des Res. I would have been straight in that old box van looking for interesting bits of junk. I remember being about 14 and finding an old Cymota attached to a Hercules bicycle in the outbuildings of a house being demolished. One of the lads from school who had come with us said: "What the #### do you want that old thing for?" My mate replied: "You watch, he'll be down here on a motorbike tomorrow". He wasn't quite right, it was early the next week, thanks to my great uncle showing me how to split and reassemble the crankshaft.
  5. MrWolf

    Little Muddle

    Love that brickwork, I have been planning a locomotive shed and been undecided about interior details or not. That picture has made up my mind. Interior details it is.
  6. MrWolf

    Little Muddle

    I am sure that I have worked with that character. There's never a cricket bat handy when you need one!
  7. Bachmann wheels get my vote also as a cheap and reliable solution. I have used them in any number of plastic kits too where they also add a little extra weight.
  8. MrWolf

    Little Muddle

    Hahaha, we used to call it Bulls*** Bingo!
  9. I doubt that the GWR would have had their own castings made (but you never know!) They would've probably made a detour via Swindon stores no matter where they were cast though!
  10. That's really taking shape. I like the bare areas of ground in front of the blue Austin, so often model ground cover is too even. The round plates on the bridge by the way, are basically giant cast iron washers on the ends of a tie rod used to stabilise masonry that has begun to shift and bulge outwards.
  11. You're welcome, I am enjoying seeing the layout and stock evolve. It's a genuine blend of art and engineering.
  12. (Best Scooby Doo voice) "I dunno..." Looks good though!
  13. MrWolf

    Little Muddle

    Corporate BS. But I suspect that the public sector has the gold key to the [email protected] when it comes to jibberish. Try breaking down a situations vacant advertisement from your local council for a n Inclusivity and equality inspector for instance. Don't get me started on politicians and their entourages (of all parties) who can talk for hours and and say precisely zilch.
  14. That's probably a case of cobbler's boots. When I was in engineering I had a spell of not liking doing more of it in my spare time at work. But I then decided that I would rate the quality of my days by what I had got done for myself. That soon sorted things out!
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