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    The more obscure corners of Britain's railways and the remains thereof.

    Current layout in progress, Aston On Clun, a fictitious GWR backwater in rural Shropshire. Basically a collection of wooden huts in a field with pretentions of profitability. An excuse for small outdated engines and pensionable stock.

    All the usual stuff, art, music, film etc luvvees...

    Vintage motorcycles, cars, militaria and anything else related.

    Yes, that is my actual name.

    It turns out that On the buses wasn't in fact a documentary.

    Last but not least, Miss Riding Hood, who doesn't just tolerate my eccentricities, she actively encourages them, if only to deflect my attention from her own quirks.
    She also shares my belief that the world probably ended sometime around the mid 1960s.

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  1. Yep, if we were in some white collar public sector job, I would be hauled in front of human resources chief hand wringer to answer to a charge of "Denying and denigrating your self identification as a nutter"... Or something. I had some BS form to fill out a while back and it asked amongst other idiocy "How did I identify myself? Male, female or other (please specify)?" I ticked "other" and told them that I identify myself as a helicopter. They won't dare challenge it...
  2. All boxes ticked. Suddenly I need some fresh air.
  3. You're only strange. A sort of non commissioned nutter.
  4. Reading threads from the beginning is a good idea, it's educational and puts the whole thing into context. Me having a corrugated iron fixation? (The curly stuff, not that godless box profile abomination) Probably a bit sad.
  5. Looks like I need to read back through somebody's thread. I do like a bit of corrugated iron architecture. Sad, I know...
  6. That's a seriously impressive bit of scruffiness! It just makes me think of any back road around Doveholes. My shed is way more modest, but I found another picture that shows the tarred wood better.
  7. Thanks, it just seems to give that slightly silvery grey sheen that creosoted timber has. This is an early experiment using Humbrol 53 Gunmetal.
  8. "I do hope that they hurry up, this thing's getting jolly heavy. It feels like I've been holding it up since 1942!"
  9. MrWolf

    EBay madness

    "Doctor! I think that I'm in love with my gas fire!" "Don't worry about it, you're a heaterosexual...."
  10. Sand, grit, dust, powder.... Whatever you decide to call it, there's three hundred miles of the stuff....
  11. MrWolf

    Little Muddle

    That's a relief. I thought it was just my thread where things got that out of hand.
  12. It is basically what potters refer to as "grog". Fired clay that is ground down to fine powder for improving the consistency and workability of clay. Sand is a natural product, the fine type that is used for laying slabs etc is known as silver sand. It's still heavier than chinchilla dust / sand and usually contains a lot of water and other impurities.
  13. MrWolf

    EBay madness

    I reckon that a dealer would offer a tenth of what's being asked for this lot and I do have quite a few of the older Corgis on offer here.
  14. MrWolf

    Little Muddle

    As long as it doesn't attract b*ses...
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