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    The more obscure corners of Britain's railways and the remains thereof.

    Current layout in progress, Aston On Clun, a fictitious GWR backwater in rural Shropshire. Basically a collection of wooden huts in a field with pretentions of profitability. An excuse for small outdated engines and pensionable stock.

    All the usual stuff, art, music, film etc luvvees...

    Vintage motorcycles, cars, militaria and anything else related.

    Yes, that is my actual name.

    It turns out that On the buses wasn't in fact a documentary.

    Last but not least, Miss Riding Hood, who doesn't just tolerate my eccentricities, she actively encourages them, if only to deflect my attention from her own quirks.
    She also shares my belief that the world probably ended sometime around the mid 1960s.

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  1. I'm going to be adding heavier amounts of blended turf and longer grasses elsewhere. In the meantime, I have a cattle dock and point rodding to be getting on with.
  2. I have been tinkering with the grass in the sheep field. A tiny bit of Woodland Scenics blended turf and odd blobs of PVA , covered in 1mm spring fibres and 4mm meadow fibres. I hope it shows up in the photos.
  3. A coat of paint hides a multitude of sins? So much for your hammer method!
  4. That makes sense. I suspect that quite a bit of that green area between the railway and the canal can be pinched by the goods yard too.
  5. Good point, the bridge doesn't need to move, the canal is really only a scenic feature and I didn't realize you were modelling both banks. Most docks and basins I have seen are open to the layout edge, helps with the sense of space and saves having to model the other side of the Bristol channel in the neighbours house.
  6. Thanks, on both counts. There's a lot of good natured ribbing goes on in this house, some people think it's a bit strange. Then again, model railway fans are thought of as strange too.
  7. I've been busy with the thrilling task of filing the square pegs on the bottom of the cattle dock fence posts into round ones. But that's not a very interesting picture. The 8 ton van is coming together okay though.
  8. As if I don't already spend most of my time with a nut who keeps quoting Monty python, you lot have to join in....
  9. MrWolf

    Little Muddle

    I find so much to look at in that picture that I am tempted to go and buy another PC. I do like the way that the loco and crane frame the picture, which draws the eye right into the view. The stack of lighting up timber on the coaling stage is a nice little detail.
  10. That is just bizarre.... Although we have seen far, far worse model railway accessories. I suppose that if I built some Grimm's fairy tale Black Forest Deutsch Reichsbahn layout around those, the Stukas would have a more appropriate home too...
  11. Further to my earlier posting on The Sheep Chronicles, here is the translation appropriate to this thread: That's all for tonight, I'll post some actual model making tomorrow, unless I find that I have been lightly stabbed during the night...
  12. Perhaps I spoke too soon about the Midland van almost falling together. Despite the body being dead square in all three planes, the roof didn't want to behave. A little bit of careful scraping and filing got it to sit okay once clamped. Elastic bands and plenty of solvent are shades of plastic aeroplane kits! Still, it's a little bit more done at the model railway project. I'm going to hang fire with batch building the cattle wagons for now. I might even do them as a separate article called The Joy Of MEX or something...
  13. I usually do it with queueing traffic and a motorbike.
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