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  1. I have found that whilst trundling around the local moors on the BSA, (looking for all the world like the couple on the 1949 advert, me dressed up in tweeds and briar pipe like Kenneth Moore and Miss Riding Hood wearing a cute little hat with a feather in it) that sheep are impervious to the horn and the antediluvian roar emanating from the exhausts. Not even the distinct possibility of being ground into Katt-o-meat by one of Small Heath's iron horses seems to ruffle their fleece and they remain resolutely in the road. If however, one gets up really close and having selected the Alp
  2. MrWolf

    Little Muddle

    It's a great pity that engine shed door hinges aren't flexible, just in case...
  3. Even so, it still gives you an excuse for a stone wall dating back to around 1790. If anyone has any questions, just mumble something about the enclosures act, they'll get bored and go back to being impressed with the point rodding.
  4. Good Idea, as though the road was doubtless there long before the railway. Walled either side against weather and as land boundaries, the railway breaks through it with bridge and gateway, as does the canal further along the road. Makes sense and it's the perfect excuse for post and wire avoidance.
  5. If you don't end up swearing at something, how do you know that you have risen to a challenge and met it head on?
  6. I suspect that the inside of the curve being the edge of the goods yard would be railway property and have post and wire fencing with a bit of picket fence either side of the goods yard entrance gate.
  7. That may be how they got lost. Not actually being Welsh citizens, the subtle difference OR total lack of difference between turning left by here and turning left by there, would have thrown them before they got as far as Abergavenny. Also, calling cousin Rhydian for directions could have resulted in questions such as "Where are you to?" Causing yet more confusion.
  8. You would probably get away with the flat arched bridge in that case. A good number of higher bridges over canals still only had the canal boat plus towpath sized arch, but they end up looking like tunnels in model form (to me at least) so I reckon go with what you have.
  9. If the road over the canal is high up then yes, but as canals tend to follow the most level path then the road tends to cross them on the level more often than not with a hump backed bridge.
  10. I have that dog scratching at my door too and so does my other half. It's actually how we met. I sometimes wonder if it's CBAS, but it never is. Many people who get the Doom are generally very creative. about a million miles from lazy. A sure sign of a bout of the doom is not wanting to do the things that give you pleasure. It could be better classed as WTFP or What's The Feckin' Point?
  11. Good for you! I suspect that it may be nothing more than the change of seasons, but Miss RRH and I have both been suffering from non specific doom. I suspect that because we both have CPTSD we just accept it and don't ever get ratty with one another, we tend to pull each other up, often in ways other people who don't get it might find a bit shocking. It generally involves juvenile behaviour! I need to get that damned crane finished, it's sitting right where I need to work and make up all the wiring for the layout. Then we (I have a volunteer) can paint rails and get ballasting. Freeing u
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