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    The more obscure corners of Britain's railways and the remains thereof.

    Current layout in progress, Aston On Clun, a fictitious GWR backwater in rural Shropshire. Basically a collection of wooden huts in a field with pretentions of profitability. An excuse for small outdated engines and pensionable stock.

    All the usual stuff, art, music, film etc luvvees...

    Vintage motorcycles, cars, militaria and anything else related.

    Yes, that is my actual name.

    It turns out that On the buses wasn't in fact a documentary.

    Last but not least, Miss Riding Hood, who doesn't just tolerate my eccentricities, she actively encourages them, if only to deflect my attention from her own quirks.
    She also shares my belief that the world probably ended sometime around the mid 1960s.

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  1. I've never smoked whilst making models. The vapour from plastic welding solvent when drawn through a burning cigarette basically turns into phosgene.
  2. I'll follow up with an unfinished building of my own, part way through painting and detailing. It's the station building for my layout Aston on Clun, inspired by Vowchurch on the Golden Valley Line, with a canopy added.
  3. I tend to forget about the little dodges because I can nip downstairs and get a tiny drop of petrol out of one of our bikes. That, used very carefully, shifts most things. I wouldn't recommend it though, except very much at your own risk!
  4. A little thinner and a cotton bud perhaps.
  5. MrWolf

    Little Muddle

    I don't suffer with an army training ground on my layout, just the occasional stray Stuka. Which is why we don't have any bridges with buses on them.
  6. I'll be keeping a watch on progress with the railcar, I have one of the original Lima versions, which IIRC is what Hornby improved upon. It's hardly ever been used and would benefit from a little weathering and detailing. I also have the Dapol flying banana which Miss R bought me for quitting smoking after about thirty years. I should probably have been the one buying her a thank you present! I think it fortunate that the weathering only extended to two bogie frames, the colour looks more appropriate to a cement wagon. I usually paint underframes with matt black that has had a little humbrol 29 dark earth and 63 leather mixed in. It takes the new black paint look away.
  7. Thanks, the slates are actually Wills' sheets, filed away at the exposed edges to reduce the thickness. On the station, all that they have had so far is a thin coat of Humbrol 67 Tank grey. In the past I have used individual strips of paper or plasticard to represent tiles but find the main thing is how you go about painting and weathering.
  8. Thank you for your input with the tech information @Nick Goughit confirms what I have read elsewhere. Still masses to do on the station building. Barge boards, telephone connections, downpipes, signs, doorknobs, more paint and weathering. It's actually making me want to get some static grass put down! I'm a lot happier with the look of the building now, but suggestions for anything I have missed are most welcome.
  9. MrWolf

    Little Muddle

    I like the steep angled shots, I keep expecting Adam West to show up in the Batmobile. I use a lot of forced perspective in my paintings, so I'm bound to like it!
  10. Very nice job, I can't remember the last time I saw an MR signal box in the Lemon Chrome paintwork.
  11. Lies, damn lies and statistics....
  12. Chorley cakes from Kendal. All mine, if the memsahib eats them, she will spontaneously combust. They were actually made in Burnley!
  13. I only have one ground lever. I hadn't actually installed it yet, but the direction that I had in mind for installation was of course, the wrong one... Thanks to the Warren Branch Conference, I now know better!
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