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  1. There's some bizarre things going on with new loco models. It reminds me of all the British Leyland jokes when I was about ten.

    Glad to see you have managed to sort it out though. 

  2. 8 minutes ago, The Johnster said:

    I have one of these resin gents, and while I can't now remember how much I paid for it it was much less than this!  Mind, mine doesn't have any people in it, though there is a curious sheep; it is a South Wales layout after all:pleasantry:


    It's not quite as open air urinal as this picture I took at the ruins of Burn Naze (L&Y).





    That would be rather draughty.

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  3. 2 hours ago, JustinDean said:

    Looks great Rob! 


    Thanks Jay


    2 hours ago, JustinDean said:

    I take it some dodgy types nicked the lead flashing from round the chimney?




    Nope, I had one of those wallet tidying moments and chucked out my till receipt flashing materials.


    Got some now thanks to the afternoon out.

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  4. I do understand how such things work and I also understand how opponents like to paint things, regardless of who is in power. 

    It would upset an awful lot of people's monetary, political and career agendas in government and business to allow an actual far right government to form any more than it would to create the socialist utopia that others spout.

    I don't care for either. I've met plenty of people who suffered under both. 

    To compare our government, which is simply c2ap and self serving with a far right dictatorship or even the makings of one, diminishes what so many have endured.


    That was my point.

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  5. Which ne'er do wells are they? The Tory ne'er do wells or the Labour ne'er do wells?

    I wouldn't trust either to run a bath, let alone run a country.

    I'm just old enough to remember the seventies and grew into adulthood in the eighties. I haven't been impressed so far.

    Before anyone types the glib reply of "If you don't like it, stand for election yourself", I'll refer you to my earlier post that pointed out that anyone who tries has to run the gauntlet of being tarred as a tree hugging loony or a racist by the ne'er-do-wells of the ruling parties.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, Hroth said:


    Reminds me of Clogau jewellery, fairly ordinary gold stuff, with a hint of gold mined in Wales, sold at a premium price.

    Its called "buying into the romance"...



    I thought that was the traditional craft of Selling junk to tourists?


    That said, a friend of mine does rather well selling special little hazel  sticks to people at festivals...

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  7. I'll second that question. I've been cutting strips off old etched frets but could do with longer strips for other jobs. Those old Ratio open A wagons get through a lot of replacement door bangers, the originals are incredibly brittle.

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  8. A cut out section of cabside panelling with the number on it, like a souvenir from a downed bomber would probably have more value. That block of metal is just plain ugly, as is the attached plaque.

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