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  1. Thanks Chris, that's very useful. I think that only a couple of my locos have proper plates fitted.
  2. I do like a bit of hacking around of RTR locos, I thought that it was becoming a lost art.
  3. Looking good, I like the way you have managed to put in so much trackwork without the layout looking cramped. It all flows nicely and I think that is what gives the illusion of space.
  4. I seem to have bought another relic of a pannier. It's one of the older Bachmann versions, but having had a good look at it, no monkey metal malaise, no droopy conrods or abstract quartering. It runs well too, despite being over 15 years old. I won't feel so bad if I make a pig's ear of backdating it. Wot? No crew, lamps, fire irons or dirt? The experimental sheep have clearly died of embarrassment...
  5. It's a rubbish photo, the number is 7702.
  6. Most wagon weighbridges with FB rail are either bolted through the flange into the deck or the bolts are beside the rail with girder clips pulling down on the lower flange. Looking at your building, it's relatively modern. If mechanical, a large (àbout 3 feet) round dial on a pillar visible from the window, or if electronic, a box about 18"" square facing the operator with a basic digital readout. Some form of heating, a desk, noticeboard, brew facilities and probably not much else!
  7. Could I ask where you source your shell ventilators? I have a project gathering dust for the lack of them!
  8. Yes. You are. This was dropped off by courier about four this afternoon. Although it's an earlier Bachmann, there's no sign of Mainline's monkey metal mutations. (Of course I've had it in bits already!) The plan is to vandalise it back into prewar condition and sort out the dome which was clearly subcontracted by Swindon to a firm in Bristol City....
  9. Indeed, IIRC the cockle pickers had already been pulled in by the immigration service in nearby Bolton Le Sands. The immigration service were told that they could not detain them because it was a breach of their human rights as China flatly refuses to take back anyone who has left their country illegally. So they released them back to their own people and within a couple of weeks they were dead.
  10. MrWolf

    EBay madness

    You're right. Sorry about that, I borrowed the memdahibs phone so that I could enlarge the images and actually read the dial. It's a suitcase radio from the early fifties. Again the type of thing used in schools to demonstrate the principles of radio. I did at one point have a radio in an ugly plywood box made I think by HMV that was sold under the name "Schools model" The case was about 5/8" thick. A tough life anticipated! It would definitely melt your trains! Edit: Actually, it was a Clarke and Smith, not HMV.
  11. MrWolf

    EBay madness

    There is indeed and I wonder what happened to the mid 50s ex Marconi Commer Superpoise van that was parked up in Chelmsford about twenty years ago. It was supposedly saved for restoration. My grandfather worked for both Marconi and BTH on military projects in the thirties and forties, so I suspect that's where I got my interest in vintage radios etc from.
  12. Morning all, It is, just. I went for an easy win as suggested, so I did some light weathering and fitted a couple of notice boards to the parcels / cycle shed.
  13. MrWolf

    EBay madness

    It looks like a power supply unit of the type once used in schools and laboratories to demonstrate / prove low voltage electrical / electronic circuits. It looks like it's seen the hands of monkeys more than once. Build your own enigma machine!
  14. It was and I didn't word it too well. What I was trying to point out is that slavery is very much alive and well and it's not just trafficked migrants, it's people who were born here too of all backgrounds and a lot more than you might think. Not enough is being done to stop it and bring the guilty to justice.
  15. We all need more panniers!
  16. MrWolf

    Mynydd Du

    That really does help visualise the layout, much better than flying by the seat of your pants.
  17. MrWolf

    Little Muddle

    Are you putting those together with a liquid solvent Kevin? I always have troubles with the stuff flooding the work and sticking to my drawing!
  18. I can't look at my panniers now without thinking: Too shiny, where's the lamp irons, fire irons, etc etc etc.
  19. No worries, @Nearholmer people have made an awful lot of assumptions about my thoughts on the general state of humanity, hence I don't generally air my opinions. This thread though seems genuinely interesting. I've been called everything from fascist to tree hugger, so probably I'm well balanced! I think that because I've been around various groups with different agendas via work and social life, I've heard some very extreme views in all directions, all of which don't actually benefit anybody much beyond the person expressing them. I stopped being involved with artists groups because many have a left wing attitude and modus operandi equal to the alt right. I don't care for either. As W. Heath Robinson said in one of his few political cartoons, shortly before WWII that depicted a uniformed thug with a swastika on one arm and a hammer and sickle on the other: "It's all a matter of arm bands". A pity he didn't live long enough to see that he was right. There's a great deal of talk from both sides about "democracy" but neither believe it, it's a case of I have spoken, if you question my world view, you must be one of them. Both like to surround themselves with yes men, so it's jobs for the boys all round.
  20. That's not black, it's weathered creosote! Takes on a strange silvery sheen very quickly.
  21. Well done on not painting the hut black! Even when freshly tarred it wouldn't have been black and give it one winter... You know how it would be. That platelayers hut is a kit I would love to see revived. I have one on my layout, (also not black!) Partly because it shouts GWR branch and partly because it reminds me of my first attempt at model railway rather than train set.
  22. It's not mild paranoia and I resent the suggestion. It was a genuine question about exactly how we would arrive at deciding how and what history is taught. To obfuscate about cutting toenails is borderline reducto ad absurdum. What we need is something that is honest and factual which is neither some bombastic delusion that Brittania still rules the waves nor some knee jerk public sector white middle class guilt of empire trip either.
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