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  1. Bit surprised that they are planning to power it with a 3 pole motor. Really! Can they not install a coreless model or at the very least a 5 pole motor
  2. So when you had turned the wheels, you pushed back in the insulating bush, trimmed it to shape and then fitted the wheels to new longer axles? Is that about right?
  3. I honestly didn't think they would be able to better the Bachmann model but I think they may just have done it. Well done Hornby.
  4. I look forward to seeing what the runout is like on the wheels. from what I could see, they seem to run very true Guy
  5. Hi Julia, The conversion looks brilliant - I particularly like the split rods. Could you run through the process for creating the 3D printed wheels and the printer you use / resins. Do you do any finishing to the 3d printed centres once glued to the 2mm rims before securing them to the axles? Also, which retainer do you use to fix the wheels to the metal axle? Best Regards Guy
  6. Phoned Gaugemaster about delivery dates and they had no information. I would agree with the others that these are unlikely to see the light of day
  7. Brilliant work there. is that running on 9mm gauge track to finescale standards?
  8. Many thanks for the detailed advice. The coin test reveals that the system trips without issue thankfully but I might get a MERG breaker in time just as a belts and braces approach.
  9. Anybody got any recommendations for a supplier for head code labels / transfers for a Dapol 33 supporting 2 character route codes. It is the early BR green model and I am looking to fit the headcode 1D. It is to be backlit from the fitted lights.
  10. Hello All, I recently converted my small layout to DCC with a Lenz set I bought a while ago. The setup comprises A TR100 transformer LV101 power amp and LH200 controller. Small BLT style layout in 2mm finescale running converted N gauge or 2mm stock. Zimo Decoders - MX620N, MX617 fitting SACC16 and stay alive where I can It runs well but after having a momentary short today I wanted to get some recommendations for a circuit breaker if indeed one is needed. I am assuming its not ideal to rely on the inbuilt protection in the LV101 or the decoders themselves. Also would I need a different circuit breaker for say powering a small 4mm layout from the aforementioned setup as the current draw will be higher? Thanks Guy
  11. It just so happens Jan, that we have the same type of lathe - peatol / taig so its great to see how its done on the same model I have. Guy
  12. As many others have said its definitely a retrograde step. Unfortunately the 8f will have wiper pickups I believe.
  13. Hi Missy, That's very kind of you. At the moment I have sent an message on the group.io to Keith Armes to see how he did his conversions but if I decide to go down the 3d printed route I will let you know. All the best Guy
  14. Hi Nigel / Izzy, Unfortunately the C Class doesn't have the thick bearing surface as per the jinty and earlier models and is a metal wheel with a central insulating bush on a 2mm? axle which runs in bearings. And on reflection I agree that unless you held it in place with a rotating centre its likely to upset the insulating bush or rotate on the axle. I have a lathe with Digital readout so no excuses there and have a ER16 collet set which goes up to 10mm and some blanks. I have machined wheels before but only to reduce the tyre and flange width. Nick, Thanks for the information, I will ask on the groups.io if he fancies doing another alternatively I would like to know how he did it. I saw a close up photo of his own br black example and its looks quite superb. Guy
  15. Hi All, Just bought a Farish C class and wanted some guidance on the conversion to 2mm. Can I ask how those that have mounted new rims on the wheels have gone about holding the wheels in the lathe? My initial thoughts are; To remove one of the wheels from each axle. The wheels on the axles can be held by the axle in a collet and turned for a 10mm rim. fitted with loctite 603 The other 3 wheels mounted on suitable dia drill steel and processed as above Remount on axle and quarter The other option would be to 3d print centres as missy did with hers and I might go down this route if the re-rimming route proves too tricky. Thanks Guy
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