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  1. Thats lovely work julia - did you machine it from castings?
  2. Its quite an improvement. Did you have to remove much from the backs of the splashers and what dia meter rims did your friend use ? And if I might ask, does it run as smoothly post conversion ? I wondered about replacing the rims just wasn't sure if I could get it to run as well as it did in n gauge form.
  3. Query ref class 205 thumpers - I have ordered some worsley works etches from Allen Doherty which are on their way. I understand the more recent farish 101 is a good starting point for the motorisation - has anyone completed one and are there any tips they could pass on? Guy (anybody from the wealden group reading this will likely be in shock that I am considering doing something in 2mm)
  4. That runs marvellously well, did you install simpsons springing? Guy
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