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  1. Hello everyone, I read this topic: The V.R. (Very Retro) Yard and this famous website: The Model railways shunting puzzles. So I decided to build my own Inglenook sidings. A very simple and basic layout with no greenery or scenery. Just the points and the track. The dimensions are: 10" X 4' .The track plan is exactly the same as the one shown in The V.R. (Very Retro) Yard thread. That's all folks !
  2. Hello, just an idea for the next Cakebox Challenge: "The No Way Out Cakebox Challenge". I'm ready for it !
  3. My micro layout is ready for a "No Way Out Cakebox Challenge".
  4. Well done. Hope you don't mind if I borrow a few ideas ?
  5. No one knows how this little wagon and the piece of track came in the middle of this yard...
  6. Thanks folks for watching my thread. Much appreciated.
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