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  1. Thank you very much to everyone who responded to my "cry for help" in this thread - so typical of the kindness on the Forum. I now feel I have enough confidence to pursue a practical solution to any offending Seeps in terms of failed polarity switching on my new layout. Mick
  2. Thanks Ray. So, from your description, these micro switches are fixed on the TOP of the layout adjacent to each point at the tie bar position? Unless I'm interpreting this incorrectly . But some of my Peco points are in very constrained areas, such as near to station platforms etc. Others have more space which would allow them to be fitted (i.e. with a 12mm gap for the micro switch length sideways on adjacent to the tie bar) - again if I have got this right. Mick
  3. I've just finished re-centering/aligning the 'faulty' points and on longer wheel base locos they pass over the 'faulty' frogs fine. Shorter 0-6-0's either stall or struggle. I will check things with a multi-meter later. Thank you for your reply ejstubbs, when I was researching this problem I saw this "latching relay" mentioned as a solution in older threads. TBH, at the moment it's double-Dutch to me. But would there be some online guide as to how to fit them to the system so it would make sense to a novice like me. I have one crossing on my layout which I haven't got round to
  4. Thank you Grovener and roundhouse, especially for the illustrations rh. Grovener that wiring you explained makes sense and if Peter can just give me an idiots guide to how he fitted his micro switches (physically and electrically) I would be delighted, I don't care if it takes longer as I would feel if I was making real progress towards smooth and intended operation. At the moment I'm just checking the two faulty points to make sure they have some play and are definitely properly aligned and centred. One other point is that my Peco electrofrogs are made up of new point
  5. Once again thank you for the kind replies. In response to Pete firstly I think even when modellers as experienced as you have fitted PM1s very carefully it seems to be the case that some fail, though fitting can be an issue and I'm going to look at mine again and perhaps use d/s tape to get everything just right and then not screw down fully to allow a bit more play. If I still have no luck with the offending points the micro switch route tempts me most. Thanks for the reference as to where to get them - in advance of getting the wiring diagram could I ask do you leav
  6. Thank you for your reply Ray. The first thing I'm going to do on the offending points - (just some of them, thankfully some are working well) is check again to see if they are properly centered and aligned. They are making full contact with the main?/stock rails when I switch them from my control panel but if there is any misalignment mis-centereing, can this still affect polarity switching even though everything seems to be making full contact? If I have no luck after my re-checks confirm everything is aligned and centered could you tell me how/where I purchase the co
  7. Hello there - I hope this is the right place to post this, I would be very grateful for any help and advice to cure the problem of the unreliability of some of my Seep PM1 points in terms of the polarity of the frogs on my Peco electrofrog points. A quick summary of my new layout would be Peco 100 track and electrofrog points on a DCC system in conjunction with a Guagemaster Prodigy Controller. For the powering of the points I opted for a separate DC system from my older Guagemaster Controller. This is fed through a CDU and thereafter I followed Brian Lambert’s superb
  8. Yes that is the point motor I'm using. Thank you so much Rob, that's music to my ears. Mick
  9. Hello there, I'm just coming back to the hobby after a few years and have recently extended my layout having made the loft a lot more comfortable. Originally I just used the 'hand of God' to work all of my points but with the extended layout I now have I'm about to use electronic 'point movements.' My layout is DCC and I have no concerns about wiring it as I did it last time. However, fitting point motors is new to me but after talking to my local model shop guys and watching numerous You Tube 'how to do it' videos I think I'm ready to go. But I'm NOT using DCC for t
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