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  1. Some more pictures of the layout as it develops, taken over the last 4 weeks. The track is now ballasted, the house (loosely modelled on mine) now has a hedge round the garden, a potager, dog kennel and space for an orchard. At the time of writing the cultivated field is drying, and my first attempt at a fence is taking shape. The idea of using fishing line between the posts had to be abandoned as it's so fine, I couldn't see it, so have reverted to thin garden wire, which seems to work pretty well. Loads still to do, but plenty of time to do it.
  2. Thanks to the lockdown, making good progress. Decided to scratchbuild the station building, and thanks to A2B, sourced the track. Had to use N gauge as OO9 wasn't available, so the track is all down and tested. Dilemma of the day - roughed out the road and the width is probably correct, but it looks too big to me, so I may try something smaller, as I don't want the road to be too dominant.
  3. That was how I worked out the exact location of where the long-gone stations must have been. 1934 Michelin map of the area not quite accurate but once one has learned to spot the clues it starts to become clear. Interestingly, while on the bike in Derby yesterday, spotted what looks very much like a narrow gauge curved embankment across a flat flood plain
  4. Fantastic, Charlie. Mine will never be that good, but at least 'Cherence le Roussel' is starting to take shape. Baseboard constructed yesterday, and today a first try-out to see how best to use the space.
  5. Looking forward to seeing you there! Meanwhile 'Northworthy' really is going south - to the Tenterden show this coming weekend
  6. Not seen this one mentioned elsewhere on RMWeb so apologies if it's a duplication. Greatly looking forward to taking Northworthy along - despite its many outings with the previous owner, this is probably the furthest that Northworthy has travelled so far. Hopefully see some of you there
  7. Excellent show, a good variety of layouts and traders, friendly organisers, and splendid catering. Well worth the run up from Derby: thanks to all for a most enjoyable day
  8. Thanks for this - the Progres looks just the job. Do Bachmann distribute these in UK I wonder. It's on their website but not in the list of products that my local shop can order. I can do an internet mail order but like to support my local shop when possible, not least as there's a nice tearoom next door. As for the 2nd class Jouef coaches, didn't know they existed and not yet found a picture. Guess it's a case of stalking eBay til some come up for sale
  9. Many thanks for your thoughts. I continue to be amazed how much info there is out there on something that disappeared over 80 years ago. Given that I am a relative novice to this, and that my intended audience will have little knowledge about the local railway (so I can get away with some artistic licence) , I intend to keep this simple and base the model around what's readily available commercially. So the JOuef HOe carriages, a Bachmann Baldwin, and Minitrains Progres gives me a good start, and, now I know they exist, some of your 3D printed wagons to test my modelling ability,
  10. When in my cottage in France, the nearest proper model railway shop is in Caen (Baron du Rail). 50 miles away, and I visited last week. Thankfully, well worth the trip, with all sorts of wonders not easily available in UK. So the nearest not visited is in Lisieux, which is 90 miles away, and maybe one day, if passing, I'll drop in. Sums up the challenge for railway modellers in France, with decent retailers thin on the ground, and not a great selection of French locos and stock actually modelled by the manufacturers (though some of the models are amazingly good). By comparison, we are spoilt f
  11. Looks like it'll be a bit of a compromise between OO9 and HOe as scratchbuilding locos and/or stock is beyond me. I already have some HOe Jouef open coaches that are just the job, and there is some Bachmann OO9 stock that looks the part. From the photos of the railway back in the day, the stock didn't all match for size anyway. And we've found a Hornby skaledale building that can be adapted to be the station. Given the lack of contemporary photos (and none in colour found so far) there will need to be some artistic license, but it should be possible to give an impression of what the line was l
  12. With massive thanks to David, I now know exactly where the stations were between Sourdeval and Brecey, and can do a 'then and now' for Cherence le Roussel gare. The 'now' picture was taken from the lane, now tarmac, that was the embankment west of the station. Amazing that the embankment (or indeed anything else) survived given the ferocity of the tank battle in 1944. Station itself probably stood where there is now a large wooden shed behind the new house. Next step, back to UK to see my modelling advisor (you know who you are) and make a plan for the model. Tempted to base it on
  13. Just stumbled on this post. What an interesting project you are developing! And the PLM station model by Bois Modelism may be just what I need for my HOe project to re-create something to represent the metre gauge line that used to run near my second home in Normandy. Didn't realise there might be something out there that gets so close to la gare de Brecey
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