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  1. i remeber seeing Sammy when i was very young, must have been late 60's as i have virtually no memory of it, i just barely remember the bloke with the rolled up newspaper plus Sammy was all the rage at the time - what ever happened to Sammy, is there an 00 model of him anywhere >
  2. got the new body today, just one thing tho, how do i get the old one off ? ive undone the 3 screws, but it still wont release the body ??
  3. can i get back to you over the next few days ? Petes Spares i couldnt get it said there were 81 in stock, but wouldnt let me get it, then came up out of stock ? found same one on FLEEWAY and it accepted payment, messaged petes spares, they are so iggy, they wont respond
  4. oh both are showing plenty of stock on my PC ? thanx for that
  5. no Dapol RTR dunno about difference, always assumed if its Dapol it needs a Dapol body
  6. no i have the Dapol RTR version and the body is damaged
  7. does anybody possibly have either a kitmaster Pug or Dapol pug that is of no further use but has body intact ? mine has lost several items of bodywork, and i really would like to keep her and restore the body, fleaway wants upwards of £45 plus they only have Hornby versions which are no good to me, and too expensive, i can negotiate on price, but not willing to pay silly money just for a body.....PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN
  8. Just found out while looking at stuff for starting next year im being advised by everybody new Hornby track is no good, and to go for peco code 100, well i found out the original track i had, although mine was scrapped, it is still made, R600, R601, R603, R604, R606, R610, R613, R621 ALL STILL PRODUCED, so it seems i no longer have anything to worry about, money pot is filling up fast, i would estimate current funds to be at 70% looks like March or April 2020 first trains should be working......
  9. do you fancy joining up with us ? if you know the branch and love it like i do, maybe its worth coming onboard, obviously all the brewery sidings etc. would be lost tho the reservoir would be the attraction for people to come too, plus sealife centre & icc not far away
  10. Long time ago now, but i lost 2MT 46522 (green with bell), 8F, 2x Black 5, j94 unique black paint work, with name Warrington and BR I.D. as 68076, 2x 9F 92250 (ex evening star painted black) & 92221, 2x Hall 5997 Sparkford Hall (super detailed inc lamps with jewels in) and 5937 Kneller Hall all 00gauge all Hornby all uv marked motors, motion, wheels, and other places postcoded, NEVER HAD THEM BACK
  11. Fairlies Mice & Pigs need to be protected :stop:images4.jpg.f50950b21d0f47eb0309d842cefca43c.jpg

  12. i have an A4 folder full of research and pictures, everything i could download, made it into a sort of book, divided into stations etc.
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