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  1. Folks, I know this subject was discussed about a year ago, where discussions centred around the demise of the Great Western Railway Journal. Do you think there is enough material about GWR of old in mainstream publications and enough online content perhaps about the up to date First Group run GWR company that a separate GWR magazine is not needed, or do you think that there is a market for such a magazine? Should it be a printed magazine or perhaps online only? Pros and cons with both of course. I feel that if a publication did come about, it should cover GWR in the steam era but also heritage railways that run on the old lines in modern times - and further afield where GWR locos operate on other lines. I think topics on modern rolling stock, stations, improvements to the network and community projects should be written about too; and why not have some material for modellers too. What are your thoughts on the above? Do let me know. Thanks Paul
  2. Thanks for the help guys. Here is a better photo. Also, if this is a Grange, would it be inaccurate if modelled as a Manor. Basically, I want to replicate Lydham Manor in BR black as she is now. If this would look wrong, I will refurbish it as a Grange.
  3. Hi all, I bought this locomotive a few years ago as I want to make a static replica of a specific loco. Is it possible to say what make it is and also what motor should I use as I actually want to use it on a layout. Thanks. Paul
  4. Hi all, I hope you can help - I am just starting on a new layout and need to find a red brick skew bridge in OO scale that is big enough for two tracks under and town road above. I have searched through lots of websites but drawn a blank. Is this something I will have to scratch build or is there a solution out there please. I need to keep cost down too but don’t mind card structures. Thanks.
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