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  1. Looks amazing Callum and a very enjoyable build as always! Looking forward to the next build... :-) Thanks, Chris
  2. Sounds like a great idea Callum.. Don't think you are that far away from me :-) Happy to bring it along sometime :-) Thanks, Chris
  3. Hi All, Well, here is my take on the festive layout.. not quite in the wrapping paper box! But fairly happy how its turn out!
  4. Hi all, im fairly new to modelling and in need of some advice on what’s best to use on my kind of a coal staging/offloading area that’s going to have a small platform on the left hand track and then a rough road area leading to around the back of the rails.. what should I use for this look most realistic? Also, on the hills in the back ground, should I base with scatter and add some static grass/bushes? What I though seems simple has me overthinking it! i have some Sleeper Grime to weather the track and used a sample piece for which I was happy with! This is an N gauge layout and don’t have a era set as I want this to be my learning layout etc!! Plenty of those in this layout! Any comment or help would be greatly received! thanks, chris
  5. Here is mine as work in progress :-) I’ve added some lights to the platform and have missed off the cattle area, but am happy so far :-) thanks for the inspiration!
  6. Amazing Idea on the layout and am going to look at something similar... Just out of interest, what textured paint did you use for the platform and road? I've found some 25mm polystyrene that's a better height for platform, but at the end of the day, your looks great :-)
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