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  1. Phil & Alex, I have just been up to the layout room and measured the building that I produced and mine has come out slightly larger as follows;- Wall A to D = 7.2M Wall D to E = 11.43M Wall E to C = 5.5M Wall c to B = 7.08M Wall B to A = 12.57M I won't claim these as totally accurate as measuring a building on a layout when it is not easy to reach across all the surrounding trees etc is never going to produce 100% accurate results. I am not suggesting that mine are more or less accurate than Phils, just that that is how mine came out based on the 'known' dimensions as stated in my earlier post. It's all about what looks right and what you are happy with as there are no definitive drawings to work from. Bill.
  2. Alex, Sorry I have just re-read my previous post and realised that I failed to tell you where I got the 'known' measurements from. During my research into Yelverton I came across pictures of the waiting shelter that the South Devon Railway have re-erected as their station building at Totnes Riverside and whilst it is not identical to the down platform shelter at Yelverton it is very similar. During a holiday in Devon 3 or 4 years ago I was able to measure the various aspects of the building at Totnes such as door and window sizes, and of course most importantly the sizes of the timbers used. These I used along with the Roye England photos to build my model. As both buildings at Yelverton were put up at the same time I presume the GWR used the same standard components on both. Now for the bad news, I stupidly threw away the bit of paper with the measurements on after I finished my 2 buildings, sorry. I guess you might have to make a visit to Totnes yourself, not really a hardship ! Bill
  3. Alex, Yes it is a right angle, I also think your sizes could be a bit on the small side. I calculated mine by using known sized objects such as door sizes and wooden plank dimensions etc. Bill.
  4. Alex Hi again, The wire mesh I used was from Scalelink, ref no SLF011 I think. I am more then happy to let you have copies of Roye Englands photos but as I not the copyright owner I am not going to post them up on a public message board if you want copies please email me on [email protected] and I will send them over, they consist of about 33 files which are in total about 55MB in size. I noticed from your post back in October that it looks like you may have made a mistake in the wall of the up building that faces the Princetown branch as it appears you have included a door, the Roye England pics clearly show that there was no door in that location, I have included with the post a picture I took of my building during construction for you to compare with your picture DSCF1957. I have also attached another couple of pics that show the interior of my building, again during construction. Bill
  5. Alex Hi, I used the sides from the Dapol (Ex Airfix) footbridge kit. It took quite a few kits, six I think and the sides were then covered on the inside with wire mesh. I will attach a photo for you. I can also attach a couple of pictures I downloaded from the internet that show the surface, I think they came from the Cornwall railway society as they have visited the site in recent years. Please be aware I do not hold the copyright for these pictures. I note that you said in an earlier post that you had been in contact with Pendon, I also contacted them and communicated the Austin Attewell who was the Pendon archivist and he was able to supply me with copies of the photos taken by Roye England when he visited the station in 1958 with George Illfe-stokes Roys pictures are in black and white but show views I have never seen before such as the rear of the down waiting shelter and all the walls of the up building. I could supply you with these if you want them but as I dont own the copyright would not want to post them here. Let me know if you want them. Here are the pics of the accomodation bridge, you can judge the height of the sides from the people. Bill
  6. Alex Hi, Yes I have modelled the station based upon a similar timeframe that you are doing e.g. 1957 which is after the closure of the Princetown branch but before it was lifted and before the closure of the signal box and removal of the signals. Doing this meant I could incorporate the overgrown branch platform and not have to use up masses of space for the full branch. The footbridge is indeed a kit bash of the Hornby/Gaugemaster kit although very heavily modified almost to the extent that it ended up being 85% scratchbuilt. I also started using a kit for the signal box, but then ended up effectively using the kit parts as patterns for a scratchbuilt box. I have attached another picture which shows the overgrown branchline and fallen trees.
  7. Hi Alex, I was very interested when I found this topic yesterday as building a model of Yelverton station is something I have been working on for the last 3 or 4 years. I was originally born and brought up in the village of Crapstone, which as I am sure you know is about a mile away from Yelverton station, when I was a young child we used the station a lot and I have very fond memories of it. I have for the last 55 years or so wanted to be able to model this fantastic location but never really felt that I had the skills or the space to do it justice, that is until now. After retiring from work I decided to finally have a go even though I knew virtually everything would need to be scratch built and I had never scratchbuilt anything before. I have attached a picture for your perusal. Bill.
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