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  1. Building a small cement discharge terminal into a corner of my layout and looking to get a bulk powder tanker and cab (1980-92) for it. Have seen a kit for these but can't remember the manufacture/stockist if anyone can assist. Double or triaxle and a leyland cab to go with it would be perfect. Blue circle will be the eventual livery Thanks Tom. (Leith central station and works)
  2. Well its been a busy month at Leith Central as the rest of the baseboards finally arrived. BASEBOARDS Equipment: Tape Measure Drill and Bits Screwdriver Wood Glue Hammer Scissor Clamps Saw Well they finally arrived. My flat pack baseboards. These were from White Rose Model Works and included the Legs for the original board. 1. (Not in video) First job was to fit legs to the original board. For this i supported it on 2 bookcases and after cutting the legs to size (so the board level fits under the room window) they were screwed into the corners of the board using 4 screws. The free standing board was then put into its final position with some swearing and moving things around the room. Next 2 holes were marked and drilled on the end where the new board will marry to and corresponding holes drilled in the correct end piece of the new board. 2, Next i tackled the first new board that would fit against the original (135mm x 60mm). I followed the very well written White Rose instructions to put the board together. Spine first, then sides, then ends, then top is the simple order. I then cut down 2 more legs (for furthest from the original board) and screwed these in place. The board was then married up to the original board and screwed and bolted in place. 3, Next i fitted one of the L shaped leg off cuts to the side of the new board to act as a shelf support to the cross/window board. I used the wood glue provided with the boards for this and when the 2 boards are joined a bolt will run through this support. 4, I then followed the instructions through again for the smallest board. All that leaves to do is build the fiddle yard board up after a bit more changing round in the room but it feels really good to have the next board in place. STATION Work has also continued on the station building with the first room built up and now almost fully clad ready for paint. A light has also been fitted into the roof and the aim is to fully light and detail the building over time around other projects on the layout. Also this month i have built up a Cambrian Sturgeon which i will show off once it is all painted and finished.
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