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  1. For inspiration, memories and viewing enjoyment. First One as means of a Preview of something else im starting.
  2. So I spent the weekend doing the finishing work on the Jane Street Bridge scene for Leith Central. The Bridge is all hand painted and although time consuming and turning my eyes square the results have been really rewarding. Process First order of business was to paint the main base colours of brickwork and cream on the the bridge. The brickwork painting follows the same method as the platform edging and retaining walls with a desert sand base followed by washes of weathered stone and sleeper grime to varied levels over the top of a dark grey primer to darken down the initial coats. The next coat applied was the overall cream to the cross pieces of the bridge to give the main base colour to add the details too. This was done in 3 thin coats with some areas left deliberately thin on paint to give a faded worn effect. Detail Painting: I started with the Maroon as it was the bulk of the precision painting on the bridge sides. Using a mixture of small new brushes, fine hardened brushes and a cocktail stick for varied degrees of fine or straightness required as detailed in the video. I then followed the same process with the Green. Once both sets of detailed paint were dry i touched in any over spill of the red and green with cream paint and a cocktail stick. The final detail coat to go on was the grey parapet stone work taking care to paint the underside and tops of each piece. The road surface was painted in matt black to mask any potential gaps in the road surface. Road Surface: For the road surface i have decided to use the painted sandpaper method on Leith Central after not being pleased with the small scatter test areas i did. I spray the sand paper with Expo Dark Grey Acrylic primer as i find this gives the right colour I am looking for. Once dried this is cut into strips wide enough to overlap with planned paving areas and glued in place with wood glue. Paving is then applied using metcalfe self adhesive paving stones. Platform 1 side ramp: The ramp was put together as per the retaining walls so i will not repeat the process here. The base for the road surface being 1mm Plastikard. The same road surface and paving was then applied as well as some slabs to represent to wall capping stones. Detail was added in the form of road markings using coloured pencil although i may replace these with paint of self adhesive ones over time. Details. To complete to scene street lights and people etc are needing done and to make a start on this i made a bus stop out of bits from the scrap box. Rear Corner bedding in: I added clump foliage, scatter, trees and bushes as per the lower area around the bridge in the previous updates and made sure to hide any joins. While work on the bridge was drying i managed to get 3 wagon kits that have been on the workbench a while finished off and ready for weather aswell as replacing the scatter area of road surface mentioned earlier. So Whats Next? At the end of the video you will see i have quite a stock pile of things to be getting on with so please comment on the video or below to let me know what you would like to see next on Leith Central updates, The Options are: 1, Start the shunt puzzle and get it to the point of running trains 2, Leith Central Roof Support Walls 3, Scrap Train Wagons, (3 Kits to build and 4 wagons to Weather) 4, MOD Stores train wagons (VEA van to build and a pipe wagon to modify into an ODA) 5, 4 Wagon Kits Parkside vs Dapol (Conflat coal, Ale Wagon, Interfeigo Van and 20T Tanker) 6, Metcalfe Brewery Kits 7, Leith Central Mock Up Station Building. 8, Road Vehicle Diorama mini boards. 9, Kit bashing Peco bus kit.
  3. So I spent the weekend putting together the second KS Laser Design Bridge Kit and getting the bridge fully joined together and ready for paint. KS Laser Designs Oxford Street Bridge Verdict: Great simple kit that comes well packed and with some well done fine detail on the spans and the underside is a work of art structurally. Goes together really easily in a common sense way with a good little guide included in the kit. I used Javis Rapid set Wood glue to stick it together. Well worth the £33 especially when something of similar size prebuilt would set you back closer to £70 For the Detailing i used my usual stone cladding from Slaters, Wills Edging Stones and Plastrut 3mm strip section to add some extra relief and help the brickwork blend with the rest of the layout. Simply glued inplace as with the retaining walls. I also had a new wagon arrive in the form of the Dapol ECC Silver Bullet in Weathered form. Nice model with only slight niggles being the large coupling hook that to me looks too big and a slight tweak required to the Weathering on top of the tank to make the white areas match up from the body on the top walkway. Overall a great model though, the data panels are worth getting the magnifying glass out for, its a fine piece of printed detail and the weathered effect on the tank body is spot on.
  4. Building the KS Laser Bridge and ECC wagon Review
  5. Thanks The bus is a Sunrise Kit. Silly thing with our work intranet where I can't access it from home without logging it in on a work rooter first apparently. Network Rail silliness right there :/
  6. So with all the lockdown hubbub im getting alot of modelling done. Really am enjoying seeing the progress on this little corner. The ground cover is now in place and some green added to the concrete jungle. Take a look at the video for the retaining wall build and the ground cover going down. Equipment Used: Woodland Scenic Clump Foliage TP Wild Flower Bushes Gaugemaster small trees Peco Static Grass self adhesive Clumps Javis Brown Earth Scatter Humbrol light Brown Slaters embossed brick sheets Plastrut 2mm square rod Metcalfe curb stones Polycement Javis fast acting wood glue Paints for the retaining wall are the same as for the platform edges. Building out and following logical steps from the backscene here. Using the card template method for the retaining walls is something i intend to carry on for other areas of wall i need to build as it made the build up of them alot simpler and also adds an extra 2mm thickness to a wall where needed. Next its on with building and facing up Jane Street Bridge and getting it ready for priming and painting up as well as building the mock ups for the Platform 1 ramp, this will probably form the weekends entertainment for me and next weeks update. Im going to take my time over the bridge painting and i am aiming to go with similar colours to Waverley Bridge in Edinburgh (Maroon, Green and Cream metal work) so the focus of updates will shift towards other things soon but there will be a dedicated final fitting and bridge opening video eventually. Work have sourced me a laptop in the end so will be off to brave the virus on a trip to the office next week to collect it so updates will go back to about once a fortnight as i will have work to do in between working on Leith Central. In other areas i now have a basic track plan for the shunting puzzle and will be looking to make a start on this once ive got a few things ordered with the aim of getting this up and running quickly so i can do some running of some of the stock collection. Look out for that in the coming months on the channel.
  7. Nearest facing crossover would have been Haymarket West Junction or Slateford depending on where the train approached from. So a painfully slow 5 miles bang road and alot more restrictive considering it would have put the whole sub down to single line working. This was actually considered the faster option from a pathing point of view but did make 15:45-17:45 very busy at Niddrie.
  8. Over the past week i have been working on the back corner of board one getting the backscene prep done between the end of the board and the start of the station roof. Jobs Done/Process: 1, Fit blue sky background: Printed on ink jet and glued to Backscene board with PVA using a card off cut to smooth out any air bubbles and ridges. 2, Mounted ID Backscenes BM110 parts on 2mm card to give some relief off the backscene. These are self adhesive and go on really well if you take a bit of care. Great product both in look and timesaving. 3, Fitted troughing route and Location boxes along edge of the cork using wood glue 4, Ballasted the end of platform 3, 4 and 5 5, Fitted and painted edgings to the bridge footing. (Please see the previous blog entry for how I do this) THIS AREA IS GIVEN AN ADDED LAYER OF DARK GREY PRIMER TO DARKEN THE COATS DOWN SLIGHTLY 6, Cut the Card base mock up for the retaining wall section from 2mm card to test fit. The Bridge is from KS Laser Designs. A really nice kit that i will cover in full in the next update from building, through detailing and painting Link to The Bridge: https://kslaserdesigns.com/OO-scale/OO-scale-bridges/oo-scale-iron-bridge Away from the main video ive also been slowly chipping away at the station building scale drawings and paving in between other jobs. The Blank Paper to Building will feature in a future update at some point. Most of all at the moment I hope you are all keeping safe indoors and enjoying some modelling.
  9. Update 21. Work Starts on the bridge corner
  10. Drags from full HSTs and MK4 sets to Steam Locos
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