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  1. Well, that's my question answered. Thanks for that. It was as much an idle sort of... hmm, I wonder if, rather than any thing more solid. Ah well...
  2. In practical terms, the wheels are .5mm too big, and the rear wheels are 1.5mm too far forward. That's - and I'm going to be a tad controversial perhaps - close enough when there's nothing else. The cylinders are more of a problem, and i should have remembered that because I'd considered using a jubilee chassis as a basis before. Oh well... it was a thought
  3. Ah, loco driven Come to me my dear little 4-6-4T Yes, I've found the perfect thing for that big tank engine that never made it off the drawing board [To my fiance, please let me have a little layout in our flat ]
  4. It should be possible to stick the streamlined body kit on this one. Dunno how much work's involved, but I'd be thinking about it. Hell, I *am* thinking about it. I'm also thinking maybe that the other Princess might fit. I forget if the cylinders are different though...
  5. Hmmm... I'm wondering how hard it would be to bodge a longer cardan shaft to turn it into a W1. at least it's a plastic body... And that just leaves that odd trailing bogie...
  6. If I were still looking, i'd be interested in both the A3 and A4 - after all, my streamlined B17 needs her big sister to look after her. As it is, I've got nowhere to run anything anymore. And maybe nothing to run either, depending on whether I keep stuff 'just in case'. Which is a shame, because there's some cracking stuff coming out. (Sigh) I'll have to see if there's room when I move. and if I'm allowed room to put them... Edit: You know, I can't help wondering how hard it would be to turn an A3 into a V2...
  7. It's been a while since I've had a chance to get anything done, and now, what with moving house... (sigh) but yes, if I was still looking for things to use, I'd be excited about the new Farish pannier chassis. I'd be hoping that the streamlined MN is loco driven too. I know that it'd be a good basis for the 4-6-4T that never was. The V2 trailing bogie is a godsend when it comes to turning a Farish 4-6-0 chassis into a 4-6-2. or possibly a 2-6-0 chassis into a 2-6-2... And I can't help wishing I'd got further with the garratt... Oh well, such is life...
  8. Can I just say, it's looking really good there. Show's how much 3D printing can do when combined with other things. Wish I wasn't having to sell up
  9. Oh bother. And I'm in a position where I need to sell up and possibly start again... And I have a soft spot for O gauge too... Grrr...
  10. Of course they have, I built one from a kit not long ago
  11. I'd be really quite excited about this... if I didn't have to sell up
  12. is engaged, and very very happy. :)

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    2. Grafarman


      Awwwwwwww sweeeeet!

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      now get the pre nup sorted or the modelling will go out the windows, oh and congratulations ...

    4. Sailor Charon

      Sailor Charon

      Thanks everyone :)

  13. Well, I'm going to have to start again because I forgot to make it easily dismantleable. So when I move, down it comes, and then I have to try and recover what I can. Oh well, next time it will be better. But different.
  14. is moving house soon, so the layout will have to come down. Sigh... Oh well, it was a learning experience. And the next one... if there is one at my new home will be better.

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