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  1. If it hasn't progressed past a certain point, rejig the project up to O perhaps?
  2. I think Dapol want to build towards an O gauge range like there already exists in OO where you can get pretty much any stock that was widespread/common in RTR, Conflat suits that aim regardless of any good kits out there, especially with the growing RTR market for O.
  3. https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/memberships The Janus has popped up on the Hornby website.
  4. Plus they haven't really discounted them yet so they should be doing fine.
  5. Plus they haven't really discounted them yet so they should be doing fine.
  6. Cant say i was expecting stuff local to me was gonna show up on here!
  7. http://www.australiansteam.com/Vertical Boiler.htm This one?
  8. I stuffed up my wording, i meant having entirely new CADs and plans etc ready to go to tooling in the locker that they can bring forward if someone else makes a move, i should have been clearer.
  9. I wonder if Hornby have a list of older toolings of models they need to upgrade and develop them to a point where they can get them out within a year of announcement if they sense competition, by holding a spare slot at the factory that they can fill with whatever they feel challenged on, or otherwise fill with something new if there is no competition and keep squeezing what they can out of the older tool until someone else tries something.
  10. An O gauge expansion into the NE with something like a J94 or J72 with some associated rolling stock would have to be on the cards for this year, also another small shunter sized loco like the Sentinel to shift units and lower the barrier to entry into O further.
  11. Assuming it does well, i wonder if it will lead to an eventual range of pioneer locos.
  12. Surely they should have been saving the Bassett-Lowke name for proper finescale O gauge, I know the frequenters of a site like this probably aren't the target audience for this but I just don't see this working very well.
  13. Recent models like the Pecketts, Sentinel diesels and Ruston would really suit O if they can hit that ~200 pound mark like Dapol
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