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  1. You could of of course switch it off and then turn it back on. Or is that the computer.
  2. No no no just lower the control rods and they'll mop up the spare ions.
  3. You see a perfectly innocent explanation. There was I imagining that you were enconsenced in a portaloo sited on the edge of your property line, the wind whistling round your trossecks like some lone sentry posted to some lonely spot in order to give advanced warning of marauding pachyderms sweeping across the Shropshire plain in search of poor innocent perveyors of cake. I can rest easy now safe in the knowledge that no pachyderms came to harm as you robustly manned you post, the flag still aloft.
  4. Clean out of candy - held up at Dover while French customs 'sample it' . Will sugar beet do instead?
  5. What you need is a band of elves. They could be kept in one of the sheds. If you rigged a bell and cableway up then all you'd have to do is ring the bell and they could send a wagonload down. What do elves eat?
  6. Need reporting then as the pub shouldn't be open during lockdown and I hope the skipper has made the snowflake compliant with covid guidelines. Oops sorry it's the 1930's isn't it so they didn't have to worry about such things.
  7. Well that's good news then. He wibbled you right then. And its good night from him and a wobble from me.
  8. Is that the Lesser Spotted one or the Bat Winged one?
  9. So Sir can you give me your full name and the address where you reside. You had approval you say. Do you have that in writing? How many times did you cross over the border? Four you say and what did you say to the Border Official? You didn't speak to one you say. Well Sir if you wouldn't mind going with my colleague. Yes that's the one in that spacesuit. Don't worry Sir everything's going to be fine we just need to run a few tests just to be certain. Yes that is a funny joke Sir about bringing fruits and vegetables over the border. Alun we got an
  10. You see I told you it was real.
  11. Would have stamped my foot but couldn't find a suitable emoji.
  12. Really Mr Rob Sheapdip what on earth are you doing commenting. You know what the Doctor said, you must rest and not get distracted by playing with your Choo choos. I will be round later with some chicken soup and to give you your bed bath, Nurse Gladys Emmanuel Ps hope you get well soon.
  13. You horrible person. Next yourll be telling me that Santa Claus isn't real, just a figment of my overactive imagination. No, No No I refuse to believe you it must be real. I'm not going to speak to again. Yah boo sucks.
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