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  1. There were a few of these done for the new towns in england as well. The only one I recall were the concrete cows for Milton Keynes. I think Skelmersdale had them as well but not sure.
  2. You got down off the roof then I see. Its a good job that hot air balloon was passing otherwise you'd never have got these excellant aerial shots. Just make certain the squadron leader doesnt s mistake it for a barrage balloon and take a pot shot at it.
  3. Not quite. A lot depends on when the tree was planted, the age of bear towers, soil type, amount of ground disturbance around tree ( this includes the incompetent prats who dig trenches 12" from the trunk cutting through countless roots) plus things like micro climate, disease and previous works. These all have an impact to some degree.
  4. Is that like the estates agents joke - in need of some repair. Me thinks you need to start at the bottom rather the top with that des res.
  5. How's he going to get down that's my worry and as mobile phones weren't around how's he going to alert LM's fire brigade that he is need of assistance? Semaphore?
  6. I hope your not going to have to 'build' the tree as well. If so I think you'd better agree a completion date as well - sometime June 2023 I'd go for.
  7. I think the demolition wasn't done maliciously but rather reflected t the feeling of the time. You have only to look around the cities and see the wholesale clearances that were undertaken at the same time. There really was a feeling that things were on the up and that change was good. There was none of the requirement to have continual reviews , just look at the fiasco of the new runway at Heathrow, or the fear of something new. Was that a bad thing? I don't know but certainly if it hadn't occurred I don't we think we would have half the infrastructure that we now have.
  8. No disagreement there iL Dottore. I was just checking that you'd not had some sort of break down and the men in white coats weren't banging at the door. I believe it was the time of 'white heat of technology' - you know Concord, nuclear reactors and the Beatles
  9. Hmmm not quite certain how to say this but the axe has, as in past tense, fallen. Perhaps you dozed of, or had a shower but I'm afraid Dr B has had his wicked way. He has torn asunder the great association of those wonderful railways and cast them aside like so much detrisus. I think perhaps you should go and lie down in a darkened room with the blinds pulled down and give yourself some time to recover.
  10. Here's a thought why not make up the bulk of the order with items that dont require freezing. So for example you could order £38.95 of pine cone scented toilet rolls or £36 worth of single malt whiskey. Other unfreezable items are of course available so I will leave it to your choice and creativity as to want you choose.
  11. I take it that's with a hammer is it Douglas.
  12. Wow this is a bit of a record for LM. Do we need to report it to some one just in case and more to the point should we be worried. Is LM being dragged into the 20 th century.
  13. Life changing incidents do tend to have that effect particularly when they are time limited as well.
  14. I assume there Big H that the 10 % is required when the 90 % practice goes well 'pear shaped' other expletives are available and you are required to remember what the instructor said to do on such occasions.
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