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  1. Oh that's not fair watering down his falling down liquid.
  2. If I won the lottery, which givern the fact that I don't play it due to moral issues is extremely unlikely, I'd just buy up the surrounding houses to my current abode, demolish them and landscape the area possibly with amenities ie tennis courts, bowling greens etc and charge people ten pence entry. The charge only being to make people appreciate them. About forty houses should do so say 100 million would be enough.
  3. One of the tasks I had the dubious pleasure of undertaking, when I was gainfully employed, was assessing proposals submitted by developers in terms of open space provision. So I got to see the changes over the years that occurred and where possible tried to deter some of the more stupid/idiotic/thoughtless 'gimics' that they submitted. What I could never understand was why buyers paid the prices they did for structures that they clearly didn't like. I could understand the developers -as they simply wanted to maximise there profits. I think it boiled down to people just being 'lazy' in the sense they couldn't be bothered to put the effort in.
  4. Developers do not like bungalows as they take up to much space so they don't build them. Whereas buyers do like them as they have more land onto which they can build. This means there is increased demand which in turn pushes the price up even more.
  5. What really gets on my wick is when somebody buys a house and then sits on it waiting for the price to rise and then moves. They contribute nothing to the neighbourhood as they see no point because they are going to move. I don't know which is worse them or the owners who rip everything out, putting it in the ubequous skip or skips, even though there's probably nothing wrong with it, extend it so that it occupies all of the available space and then move as they don't like the area.
  6. Wouldn't it just be easier to scrap the garage and store everything in the Centurion?
  7. Given the speed at which LM operates any explosion would be in slow motion giving us plenty of time to get to a safe distance.
  8. Ah yes there is that. But would it fit in garage I believe was the original question. Wonder what the road tax would be? And how many AA batteries would it need. Got to be green nowadays and not just in terms of colour.
  9. Challenger tank? I believe there's someone on here who might be able to point you in the right direction. No names, no packdrill but I believe he answers to Baz.
  10. Perhaps Nyda is looking into a part exchange ? BMW to Smart? BMW to BMW aka Mini? BMW to C5.......
  11. Don't worry there's still plenty of time to catch up. In actual fact you can go home, have a bath and prune the roses and still be able to catch it.
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