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  1. I'm awaiting on some cereal boxes so I can make a start on the inset track. Hopefully, that will be soon. I will also have to buy some 70s vehicles as I have none.
  2. Ok. I've had a look on Google maps but it's not that clear. I can only presume it's still there and still in use.
  3. I've completed the loading dock and tested it by pushing a wagon on both tracks. There is enough space between the dock and wagon so that they can get into the siding. I'll test the track before moving on any further.
  4. The complete track arrangement with the loading dock. I still have to extend the loading dock a bit to meet up with the edge of the board. I'll have to find something similar to the 'paving' on which the warehouse sits on.
  5. Since posting, I've laid another siding and am now concentrating on building a loading dock. While sorting the track out, I've been think of how to put the backscene in. I'm thinking of gluing the chosen backend to a board then gluing that behind the layout. I'll think of something...
  6. Phase one of track laying is complete. The track will be covered in card to represent inset track. I might put a small loading dock on as well.
  7. Now if you've seen the above topic, you might be aware that I was using the Scalescenes downloadable industrial warehouse. I'm still going to use this building on the new layout. My one has the Mckellar Industries Ltd sign on it and that does sound Scottish. I'll have to put signs from the correct region on the building too (light blue)
  8. So you may remember that I currently have a board which is 102cm by 40cm but no ideas what to do with it. I attempted to build two different layouts with it. I wasn't a fan of the Industrial one and Fimber Halt didn't have enough operational interest. I'm still sticking to the Industrial theme.
  9. I'm going to do a new topic instead of posting my progress on here. I'm still doing an industrial themed layout.
  10. I do own an n gauge layout but that is elsewhere. I've thought about OO9. I'm a fan of canals but putting one on is going to be a challenge.
  11. Thanks for the ideas. I like the sound of the wagon works and loco shed they are possible and I already have an engine shed and a few buildings. I might have a go at a dockside layout (I've got more cardboard which could help). Tight radius trackwork? I just don't want a straight line I want curves as well so that might be worth a go. James.
  12. There has been a slight change of plan: I'm going to continue with the Industrial Yard layout. It is more interesting than just a straight line. I'll keep the plans and I'll do Fimber Halt at a later date.
  13. There has been a slight change of plan: I'm going to continue with the Industrial layout. It is more interesting than just a straight line. I'll do Fimber Halt at a later date. I've stripped the boards bare. To give you a sense of how much space I have to play with, I've put a train on. The boards are 102cm by 40cm (end to end). I don't have enough room, let alone track, for a roundy-roundy. To add to that, I'm also stuck on ideas. Can anyone help me?
  14. Another pic of the B1 and Gresley teaks on my club's layout, Abbotsholme.
  15. A railway worker watches a Class 06 trundle down the running line towards Malton on Fimber Halt (Work in progress) Fimber Halt (Work in progress)
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