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  1. Thinking about it, it does look kinda narrow compared to BR coaches.
  2. You said yesterday that the Pendolinos were designed for going 140mph. I thought that trains were only allowed to go up to 125mph.
  3. The show went well. more people turned up ion the Friday than on the Saturday. There was more N gauge layouts than OO. On the Friday, i operated Draxbridge, the club layout and had a go at a shunting puzzle layout. On the Saturday, I operated the club layout again, and Invercalley. We had Sound fitted GWR Castle 4-6-0 5080 Defiant running light engine between trains. (What joy that was)
  4. i thought the only trains that were allowed to go 125mph on the mainline
  5. Cos i presume someone will steal your seat. Which is annoying.
  6. Looking good. Being an industrial locomotive, it could have done with some weathering. i think it suits it really well.
  7. A bit of an update: Dolgoch has been repainted in black. The red wasn't the right shade for the loco.
  8. I might as well. i think it would be a nice addition to my shelf of Harry Potter stuff
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