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  1. Nice videos. Have you thought about putting lights in your coaches?
  2. The LNER (London and North Eastern Railway) used the Gill Sans lettering and BR (British Railways) adopted it. This is probably the reason why they are described as LNER style. Most "big four" and BR standard steam locomotives carried the words "BRITISH RAILWAYS" on their tender\tank sides at some point in their lives before scrapping or preservation. The new numbers that locomotives received under BR which they carried on their cab sides and smokebox door were also in this lettering. I'm pretty sure the shed codes were too. However, I am unaware if any locomotive, other tha
  3. As Phil mentioned, Fox transfers do sell them. I've found 3 transfers on their website. they are originally intended for van sides but they could be used on locomotives. https://www.fox-transfers.co.uk/british-railways-large-lettering-for-van-sides-70518 https://www.fox-transfers.co.uk/british-railways-large-lettering-for-van-sides https://www.fox-transfers.co.uk/british-railways-small-lettering-for-van-sides Hope this helps James
  4. Having been turned round, 09017 takes a break between shunting duties. My ballast arrived today so I'm going to do it in the next few days after dealing with the backscene and bridge.
  5. Good news! My track ballast arrived today! I'm going to start ballasting after I sort out the bridge and the backscene.
  6. The ballast is going to be a while yet so in the meantime, I'm going plan how I'm going to deal with the backscene. I'm thinking of painting several pieces of A4 paper in a suitable shade for the sky. I'll have to get the correct shade first. I'll use an old yogurt pot for the paint and a separate piece of paper to paint on until I get the shade I want. When I do, I'll paint the sheets of A4 and leave them out to dry. Once it's dry, I'll use a paper guillotine to trim the paper to size. If I can't find it, I'll use a steel rule and a retractable blade. Then, I'll glue it on carefully and smoot
  7. Thank you so much. @TechnicArrow . Could i please have the template for the one you are still working on? Many thanks, James
  8. 09017 sounds its horn to alert the track maintenance crew who are working nearby.
  9. There was a article in Model Rail magazine No. 283 about the steam locomotives of the London Underground. One of the locos featured was this one. However, the origins of this locomotive are confusing... The following is copied from the article. One source states that it was brought by the District Railway in 1922 for light shunting. It also suggests that its 1922 works plate might mean it that was an older 'Brazil' that was overhauled by Kerr Stuart prior to its sale. Another source, however, suggests that the locomotive was ordered by the City and South L
  10. The scenic stuff, people, buildings. cars etc, aren't stuck down. This allows me to change the scenery around and change the period of the layout. I chose to do this because I like to run all sorts of stock from different periods. For example, If you have a layout that's set during LMS days and one day you decided to run a HST, it wouldn't suit the period. So if I want to use rolling stock from a different period, I change the layout's look to suit. It may only be one baseboard, but I can make so many layouts with it as the next pic demonstrates:
  11. Drafted in from the NRM at York to replace a failed 08, Class 09 09017 waits to move from the yard.
  12. I took two more photos. One is a birds eye view while the other is a view of what people would see if it was at an exhibition. Birds eye view General view
  13. When I saw this post, I remembered an article I read in a magazine (I think it was Railway Modeller) about a man (his name slips my mind) who made cardboard locomotives. They were in O gauge and they looked pretty good. Also, do you happen to know the measurements for each part of your cardboard loco body? I want to see if I can recreate this and use it on my layout I'm working on. I've posted the link below. Thanks, James
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