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  1. I did a plan of the layout on a post it note. It's not 100% accurate as it is only a quick sketch. It helps me to decide what parts of the layout need inset track and which don't.
  2. The straight track has been glued down with PVA. I haven't done the points or the other siding yet. I'm also pulling up some of the card because i had a new idea
  3. Last night I cut some cardboard strips to glue in between the rails. I then proceeded to glue them in place.
  4. No trains here yet but work is progressing on my OO gauge layout, McKellan Yard, set in the 70s.
  5. I spent the whole day yesterday working on the inset track. There are a few gaps but it doesn't matter as it will be covered by more layers of card. I have three more layers to put on until it is level with the track. This morning I measured the gap between the tracks and marked it out on card. I have cut out three strips so far and still have a bit of a way to go.
  6. Some model railway magazines came yesterday and one of the layouts in the October issue of Model Rail magazine gave me inspiration. The layout, called Winkle's Yard, shares something in common with my layout: It's OO gauge and depicts a goods yard during in the 1970s. The track was partially embedded in inset track and the rest was ballasted with grass in-between. As I probably don't have enough cereal boxes for the inset track, this could be an alternative. Watch this space...
  7. Since I last looked on this thread, this layout has progressed quite a bit. I am looking forward to seeing it complete.
  8. Update: I have changed one the points on the layout as well as changed some straight track as locomotives kept stopping on the join. I'm awaiting on some more card board so that the i can start work on the the inset track.
  9. There is another photo under construction on this website: https://www.lner.info/locos/W/w1.php
  10. I recently found a photo of inside the W1's boiler in a book I have. I was expecting it to have a lot of tubes but it doesn't have that many tubes as a normal steam locomotive boiler. Instead it only has two.
  11. The video is only 1 minute long but the rest are going to be longer as this was just a preview. That said, I'm now concentrating on the loading dock edges. After that I will begin on the inset track.
  12. I made a video of the layout in action and posted it onto Youtube. I've also put a link in the description to this topic so that people can see the layout as it progresses.
  13. I'm trying to sell some old Hornby plastic buildings that I no longer need. I'm going to see if I can sell them on here but I don't know how to. Can you help? James
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