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  1. Yes. it now has plenty of operational potential than it previously did. For the backscene, perhaps I bear your suggestion in mind and use some buildings instead of using a board.
  2. The 3rd iteration: The same track-plan but set in a different era and different scenics
  3. I installed a divider to separate the scenic section from the fiddle yard. Then, I lengthened the fiddle yard. This now allowed me to do some shunting.
  4. I don't know the name of this layout only that it's in OO and set during BR days in the Southern Region.
  5. It has been a few weeks since posting and the layout plan has since changed (three times!). As much as I liked the first plan, it didn't have enough room in the head-shunt so a new plan was drawn up to my specifications. This was the planning stage of the second layout. It was to be a stabling yard for modern diesel shunters. The layout has now been moved to the bedroom where it was intended. The halt has gone and only the signal and hut remain. The track-plan hasn't changed much: only a curve was added in the siding nearest where the backscene would be.
  6. When at the Doncaster show, I did take a few pictures and videos and I brought some stuff. I'll post some of them up on here if anyone wants a look.
  7. Same thing happens to me. They get in the way all the time.
  8. I went to two shows at the beginning of last year. One in Pontefract in January and the Great British Modelling exhibition in February at Doncaster Racecourse. I was supposed to go to my club's exhibition in May the same year but it got cancelled.
  9. Hi Tubs. Looks like I'm in a similar position to you are. I'm 18 and not only I'm also working on a budget but also a limited amount of space too. I'm in the process of constructing two OO gauge micro layouts using two cardboard slabs salvaged from a Ikea cupboard delivery. Because of the small budget, I've used items that have been pre-built and were used on my larger OO gauge layout which is now packed away. I've put the links for both layouts above. Feel free to have a look. Good luck with the layout I'll be watching with great interest. James.
  10. Loving the pics. Layout looks like it's shaping up nicely. Will be watching with great interest. (As always)
  11. I may be considering purchasing one of Hattons GNR six wheelers to run with my DJH Ivatt C1 4-4-2. Should i still consider getting it?
  12. That pops up every time I log on. It does get slightly annoying.
  13. Some pictures of the layout under construction: This station halt is, I think, a Ratio kit or it could be Wills. Anyway, I made it up and I used it on the layout. It suits it as my layout is located on the GWR/Western Region. Birds eye view of the entire layout. It consists of a headshunt and two sidings. GWR 0-6-0PT No. 9763 at the headshunt. The headshunt doesn't have enough room for both a loco and a item of rolling stock. The signal is of GWR type and is a Ratio kit.
  14. If you've read the latest post about my oo gauge layout McKellar Yard, I shortened the width of the fiddle yard by half. This allowed more space on the table it sits on. So I'd thought I'd make a another layout with it but a smaller one in my bedroom.
  15. I have decided to shorten the width of the fiddle yard by a half. This will mean that I have the layout will take up less space. In the process of shortening the fiddleyard. The layout now that the width has been shortened. The spare slab. This will be used to make a smaller layout in the bedroom.
  16. I think I may have had this problem in the past but i can't recall.
  17. I think Bachmann are still doing the range in OO, Tomix in N and there are some G gauge examples too.
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