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  1. Thanks for the support. I will get some pictures of it and the track plan.
  2. I have made a little shunting layout on my windowsill in my bedroom. it has three sidings and a head-shunt. This will probably become an exhibition layout sometime in the future. I've thought up a backstory for it but haven't thought of a name yet. It is a fictitious industrial yard located near Sheffield. The yard was fomerly part of the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincoln Railway (MS&LR- Predecessor of the Grand Central Railway) In 1923, the yard was in a joint ownership between the LMS (London Midland Scottish) and the LNER (London and North Eastern Railway). In 1948 it became BR property. In its heyday, it was a busy and important yard. Trains would come in via the mainline link, the locomotive would then uncouple, run round the train and wait at the other end of the train. The yard shunter, (normally a J94 0-6-0ST later, a Class 08), would attach to the train and gradually transfer wagons into the warehouse siding to be loaded/unloaded. when the final wagons were put into the siding, the brake van would be detached and left in the loop. the shunter would then reattach the brake van to the end of the train. The locomotive would then couple up to its train. The shunter would then return to it's designated siding and the train would leave the yard. the process would then be repeated with the next train. That's all I got so far. let me know what you think. James
  3. Is this the new Stephenson's Rocket that Hornby have released?
  4. Having accidentally lost the trackplan i drew, I thought it would be easier to have it digitally rather than draw it by again. So i used google maps, moved around until i was happy with the position and i saved it as a PDF. Grosmont Engine sheds - Google Maps.pdf It might not be clear as i'd like it to be but it'll do.
  5. Indeed. But it would make a great modelling project and it would look good in a disused section of track or a siding on a layout.
  6. I have been taken more screen shots of the car park entrance: Car Park entrance close up.pdf I've looked at it closely and it does look like there are two tracks going into the museum.
  7. I knew it would. it's actually a good method. I've used it several times.
  8. The coach and pencil trick is very good if you are dealing with curved platforms.
  9. I have not been to Locomotion yet but I have been to the NRM (several times) but I haven't been back there in quite a while. I was planning on going this year...
  10. 6634 is a 5600 (56xx) class 0-6-2T. The class were designed by Collett and built between 1924 and 1928. 6634 was built at Swindon Works and completed in August 1928. She worked for 35 Years and 8 months before finally being withdrawn in June 1964. 6634 is located at Peak Rail and is owned by Pete Waterman. She is currently under restoration. Pete also owns fellow GWR tank locomotives 5553, a 4575 2-6-2T which is also located at Peak Rail (along with sister engine 4588) and 5224, a 5205 2-8-0T (which left the famous Woodham Brother's scrapyard in October 1978.) Like 6634 and 5553, 5224 is located at Peak Rail. 9 of the class are preserved including 6697 which is on static display at Didcot Railway Centre.
  11. I've been to Whitby several times. A few of them were by train via the NYMR at Grosmont. Good luck with the layout, i'll be watching with great interest.
  12. I've looked at it and it is actually a pretty clever design. When not in use, it folds up, as you can see from the hinges. It's inspired by the turntable at The Railway Museum in Utrecht, Het Spoorwegmuseum. Here's another picture of the layout with some steam locomotives on... And here's a picture of the turntable at the museum. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a video of the turntable in action but i did find several clips of the museum. The full history of the layout can be seen on this page https://www.carendt.com/micro-layout-design-gallery/layouts-boxes/ Anyway, moving swiftly on...
  13. I'll have a look at that. It might help me with drawing up the plans for doing the Great Hall once i'm finished with this one. (Although it might take a while...)
  14. What brought my attention was the photo of Stanier 8F 2-8-0 8624 in LMS Crimson. a livery that would have been seen on Patriots, Jubilees and others. I think it looks good on it.
  15. I've seen Tornado at the NYMR. Never knew that a GWR Tank engine had a name...
  16. Looking good! Can't wait to see more photos of it's progress and when it is finished.
  17. NRM York Loco entrance.pdf Here's the car park entrance. I used Google Maps to take a couple of birds-eye view pictures to help with the plan. upon looking again, i think the other track also goes in but i'm not too sure. And here's a ground level view of the same part. This was the only ground level view i could find. I would have preferred if it was a bit closer and flatter so i have used it as a back-scene.
  18. He did mention the NRM at York. The museum has two tracks in the car park but only one leads into the museum itself. That's why he chose to model Locomotion instead because it has more tracks. But it could be done.
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