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  1. Caught 09017 again later on in the day shunting non other than the Flying Scotsman.
  2. Not an 08 but an 09, 09017, the NRM's shunter, seen shunting just outside the Flying Scotsman Story on 21/08/21.
  3. This is an exhibition layout and is based in Bridlington.
  4. Went to the club last night and started work on the remaining parts I needed to ballast. I still need to spread it out evenly and then spray it with a liquid used for ballasting track. (50/50 PVA and water and 2 drops of Fairy washing up liquid)
  5. A closer view of 37402, again stabled in the loco sidings at York on 18/09/21.
  6. Just visible opposite a DRS Class 66, Class 37/4 37402 Stephen Middlemore is stabled in the loco sidings in York on 28/08/21
  7. Unidentified DRS Class 66 in York in loco sidings. The Class 37 opposite is 37402.
  8. Brilliant layout. Good job modifying the locos
  9. The Toad now has the coupling hooks and the tension lock couplings on. I've decided to leave the actual couplings off as they're plastic and because that I tend to use a magnet for uncoupling wagons. I just need to sort out the roof. I think I might spray paint it so it'll look better. I'll leave the roof off for now until I finish the guard that is going to go inside the brake van. After that, the handrails need painting, the transfers need putting on and the headlamps need to be painted and glued on.
  10. Another afternoon of working on the Toad. I've added the steps and the buffers and and I'm waiting for them to secure. After this, I'll be adding on the coupling hooks and sorting out the tension lock couplings.
  11. On the Tuesday after, I began to ballast the track l. The bottom photo is what it looked like after I finished most of it. I've still got to do the sleeper ends which I'll do tonight and then tidy up the loose ballast after it's dried. There's not much left in the bag but I'm hoping it'll be enough for the job.
  12. After pinning the track down, I had a play with the scenery and the rolling stock to see what it would look like. Here are a few pics I took....
  13. Yeah, I could have, which would have given me more room. Oh well...
  14. I've heard of some brands that do make these but I can't recall their names. I also use an old paintbrush to apply the poly cement on but can stiffen the brush if it's not cleaned up properly.
  15. I managed to make it on the Thursday after I finished work and I nailed the track down. I tested it after with the Class 04 I'll be using and it worked fine.
  16. I use Humbrol Poly cement and the one by Revell. I used the Revell one for this brake van as it has an applicator although it doesn't seem to work...
  17. Well, I'm pretty pleased with the progress I've made so far. So, to recap what I've done today: Finished the walls of the brake van, made, painted and glued on the sandboxes, painted and glued the handbrake (which the handle for has broken off but I've glued it back on now), given the brake van another coat of paint, touched up some areas that were lacking paint and measured, cut and glued the windows in. Next job is to glue on the steps, sort out the roof, install the buffers and coupling hooks and make the tension lock couplings. I'll worry about the transfers, headlamps and painting the guard (a figure I've got that needs doing) later. I'm going to see if I can get those things done tomorrow so I can take it to the club and test it. If I don't get the buffers and coupling hooks done, it doesn't matter as it's still a work in progress.
  18. When building Airfix and Revell kits, I use a very small amount of poly cement to fix the cockpit hood/windscreen in place. Sometimes the glue gets onto the clear plastic and mucks it up. That's happened to my Hawker Hurricane Mk.1 and Focke Wulf Ta152 H which are all models I've done recently. The Hurricane's hood is not as bad as the other plane's but the pilots and cockpit are still seeable.
  19. Next thing to do on the list was the windows. A square of clear plastic was supplied with the kit for the glass. Now, having experience with this sort of thing, I knew that I would NOT use the plastic glue that I used to assemble the kit as it would make the windows opaque. Instead, I used PVA glue as it dries clear. I filled an old Humbrol plastic paint pot (the ones you get in Airfix kits) and dabbled it around the window ridges. Then I carefully placed on the clear plastic strips. To mark out the size of the glass I'd need, I used the point of the small file I'd been using and carefully marked out the outline. Then, I carefully cut the plastic strip out. If it didn't fit, I filed a small amount off until it fit.
  20. The instructions say to drill a 1mm hole in the floor for the handbrake. However, as I didn't feel like drilling holes, I cut off the peg that protruded from the bottom, filed it so it was flat and stuck it on. I've also started on the other side and need to touch up a few places. The handbrake installed. Its position more or less matches the prototype.
  21. I've given the Toad a second coating of paint and painted the steps that go on the underframe. I've also fitted the sandboxes and handbrake.
  22. The next Tuesday, messed about with some track until I found the plan I was happy with. The chosen plan is below: I decided to go for the BR Blue era again to pay a tribute to McKellar Yard. This time I'd be using different rolling stock which will be covered in a later post.
  23. The club I go to is open on Tuesday nights and Thursday afternoons but I couldn't go on Thursday because I was working so I had to wait until next Tuesday to get more things done.
  24. I'm planning to do some more work on it this afternoon. I'll keep you all updated on my progress.
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