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  1. Thanks Mick and all for your input on this thread although largely successful in removal I will admit to lacking in experience but practise makes perfect as they say!
  2. Ok seems to have done the trick Thanks for your info I'll give it a go
  3. Thanks all for replying I've experienced using T cut before in removing unwanted factory transfers Appreciate the detailed info so thanks for that will give it a go!
  4. Hi all I have question I've recently purchased a Heljan Class 33 (33029) which comes as weathered Would it be possible to de-weather this as I believe it's somewhat over weathered being a charter loco and going on prototypical images on-line I'd like to remove/ reduce the body side grime effect and front end grime effects without affecting the maroon paintwork? Thanks in advance Kev Miller
  5. Perhaps Accurascale can apply such instructions on thier packaging in future How easy is it to place! Not that easy unless there is correct way of doing it Lesson learnt.
  6. Unfortunately they appear not to perhaps theres a batch issue of I'll fitting buffer stops I have squeeze the front lugs together to fix to the track that's fine but the rear lugs do not they do not line up correctly I've tried two buffer stops but both end up breaking at the rear Its a shame because they are good looking. Thanks for your reply
  7. Has anyone else had problems with these as they do not slot into Peco code 75 rails? Are they for code 100 only?
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