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  1. Thank you all for the kind comments. As an early Christmas treat here's a few pics with a loco. Merry Christmas all and have a happy new year.
  2. I've taken the plunge and attempted to apply the snow.
  3. Not a great deal of progress but I've added my yard crane now. I need to have a little think on what else I want to add, or if I keep it simple. And yes, I'll have to search for a santa and/or some deer to add in the treeline.
  4. Minor progress, have added a hedge and found a truck to add near to the hut. Am waiting for my local model shop to open late to pick up a crane before I start considering adding the dusting of snow to make it a bit more Christmassy.
  5. Small amount of progress as have now finished the ground cover and have placed the hut and some fir trees, very important for the Christmas theme.
  6. Cheers @Bo-Bo. A little progress, track is down and I've put some ballast down, first time ballasting so be kind. Not yet glued it, need to find something to spray a water/pva mix.
  7. A little bit more progress has been made with some ground cover. Need to finalise the exact track arrangement and get it stuck down.
  8. Not a lot of progress as my paper mache took far longer to dry out than I was expecting. Nevertheless I've done a quick coat of green as a base to hide any of the white that might show through if I miss a miniscule spot when doing the scenics. Next job will probably be to do the scenics under the bridge so I can get my track down.
  9. At a garden centre visiting santa, my other half saw some real plant table top planters that had those fake pine trees, it made me think of a diorama and I've persuaded her toet me make something for the table at Christmas. It may well be a bit big but I've purchased a storage box, some insulation for a bit of height and have already started some paper mache for some texture. The base is a bit of MDF from a loft ladder I brought whilst the track is some odds I've got. Plan is to have a couple of sidings where I'll just place a few wagons with loads, it'll hopefully be a snow scene
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