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  1. We are delighted to present, our revised date, at the Royal pavilion, in Llangollen, for the Llangollen Garden Railway Festival 2020,with over 50 traders, 10 layouts and a ride on railway, a preserved railway next door and a world heritage site near by, we are sure that you will be able to enjoy the day, Admission is £7.00 per person Children accompanied by a adult admitted free
  2. After long discussions this morning and hearing the new guidelines from the Government last evening, it is felt that we have little choice but to postpone Festival which was planned for May 30th. It is looking clear that this original date will fall at the height of the Covid19 virus, and as we are wishing to make every effort to keep everybody safe we have decided to hold the festival later in the year. So we are pleased to announce that the Llangollen Garden Railway Festival 2020 will be held on the 3rd of October this year. I really hope that you will still be with us and that together we can make it the great success which it was proving to be. Kind regards Llangollen Garden Railway Festival Team
  3. Tickets are available via the Llangollen Toursit Information Centre, £7.00 per person.
  4. Llangollen Garden Railway Festival 2021, May 22nd Its happening, please note the date, Look forward to seeing you all
  5. Narrow Gauge Hall Traders All Components Ltd NG7 Aztec Oils (Hallett Oils) NG9 Bole Laser Craft Limited NG2 Chalk Garden Rail NG3 Diggle and Leesbrook Models NG1 Garden Rail Outlet NG6 Garden Railways Limited NG5 James Hilton Custom Model Railways NG13 7/8ths Scale Model Display NG13 John Sutton Models NG14 SLR Models NG8 S.M.T.F. NG4 The Sparesman NG12 Tony Green Steam Models NG10 Trenarren Models NG11 Layouts Hampton End G Gauge Scenic Layout Railways of the World Layout Neston Colliery Plateway SM32 layout The Platform Traders Airframed Glass Display Cases PT10 Aster Hobbies UK /Bowande Live Steam UK PT12 Blackcat bridges PT3 Cedar Creek Railroad at Old Mill Farmhouse B&B PT13 Coach and Wagon Works PT2 Dean Goods PT7 Derails PT4 Dylcom Models PT12 Endon Valley Custom Decals PT8 Fosworks PT15 High Peak Models PT9 Just the Ticket PT16 Micron Radio Control PT11 PennyGillam Mine Sales PT5 P.S. Models PT1 Sixteen Mills PT6 Wood Valley Works PT14 The Steam Hall Traders Accucraft uk Ltd ST13 Anything Narrow Gauge ST5 Berry Hill Works ST6 Bowaters Models ST15 Brandbright ST16 Brunel Models ST18 Cain Howley Structures ST11 Chuffed 2 Bits Ltd ST2 DJB Model Enginering Ltd ST8 Dream Steam Limited ST7 Essel Engineering ST10 Malcs Models ST9 Motley Miniatures ST20 PDF Models ST17 Peter Korzilius ST21 Pendle Valley Workshop ST4 Resurgam Rolling Stock ST14 SGC Garden Railway Buildings & Structures ST0 Steve Currinn Books ST1 Swift Sixteen ST12 Timpdon Models ST3 Worsley Works ST19 Woodbury Models ST 22 Layouts Phurcombe Hall 16mm Vintage/Heritage Layout and Display Pentre 16mm – Welsh Narrow Gauge Kingsdown road 32mm gauge, 16mm Scale (1:19) 16mm Modular Layout Group Tor Halt 16mm Scale 32mm Gauge layout Cafe Area Walt’s Playmobile G Gauge Layout Outside Ride on Railway 5 inch - Live Steam
  6. New traders, new banners, leaflets and posters, even a ice cream van..
  7. We are delighted to announce that the upcoming Garden Railway Festival, in Llangollen, on May 30,has over 50 confirmed traders. New leaflets and posters and banners too.. £7.00 admission, on site parking, bar, food ect
  8. Now over 50 traders confirmed, leaflets on the way, adverts in relivivant mags.
  9. Hi Bob, We are all active garden railway enthusiasts, most of us have our own lines, the one with out is just moved house, so we let him off.. I'm on g scale Central, as Mike, and mines called Lazy Grange Bay, Its my 3rd attempt at getting what I can see clearly in my head, in the garden.. Its a Lancashire village set in the 50s/60s.. With a narrow gauge railway running through it.. If the Welshpool and landfair can get away with using continental stock, I reckon I can too.. As with everything.. Its a work in progress..
  10. Llangollen Garden Railway Festival have over 45 confirmed traders,from the Very biggest names to the Very Newest Names in the garden railway world we are proud to be a part of the festival and we are looking forwards to seeing you there, with 10 layouts in large scale from 16mm to 5inch ride on railway on site and a discounted ride on a preserved railway next door to the Festival an Free parking for 300 cars, disabled acesseable, Admission is £7.00 accompanied children free, 10.am to 4. 30pm Saturday may 30th The world famous Llangollen Royal International Pavilion Www.lgrf.co.uk
  11. Our latest confirmed traders are. The latest news, sign up for the news letter, Check the Web site Www.lgrf.co.uk Facebook, Or ask a friend. Essel Engineering Resurgum Black cat bridges Cain howley Pendle Valley Workshop Coach and waggon Bole laser craft Brunel Models All Componts Sandringham Garden Craft Currin books Tony Green Steam Chalk Garden Rail The Spares man Penny Gillam Mine John Sutton books James Shilton 7/8ths Steve Millner S. M. T. F Timpdon Dylcom Models Trenarren Models Anything Narrow Gauge Aztec Oils Sixteen Mills Berry Hill Works Dream steam Garden Railway Ltd Garden rail outlet Endon Valley Custom Decals Diggle and Leesbrook Models Accucraft Swiftsixteen Micron Radio Control Chuffed 2 Bits Natural Scenics Mark Brighton Margaret Roberts Wood Valley Works Just the Ticket Dean Goods Fosworks Aster hobbies Bandbright Bowaters models P. D. F Models D. J. B. Model Engineering Air framed Glas Display Cases Derails Motley Minatures P. S. Models Worsley Works SGC Garden Railway Buildings and Structures
  12. Wearhouse, pria to painting.. 


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