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  1. No, and you know more about UK steam than most of us know about US steam. Keep at it M.
  2. Some interesting concepts there but a 4-8-2 with a 4 wheel tender takes some imagining. I take it you meant 4 axles.
  3. Regarding vehicle heights; why do scrap dealers' tipper lorries have such high bodies above the chassis?
  4. Welcome to the forum Bas, you will find plenty of advice and inspiration on here. Make sure you layout is cat proof; they seem to know where the most delicate bits are. Thanks for the tip about Knippels.
  5. Welcome to the forum, you will find plenty of interest on here.
  6. Neat model, Ken. Is it reasonable to assume that the twin tank model will be spray painted and the difficult to reach areas left in an "out of sight, out of mind" basis?
  7. Found this topic a bit too late but IIRC the Ruston named Flying Flea that was at Steamtown was painted blue. I cannot find any pictures of it though. It was rather neglected there, probably because of limited usefulness. No idea where it is now.
  8. Perhaps the OP should read "Are there any extinct locos both steam and diesel that you wish had avoided getting torched?" There are also some electric locos that could have been saved; I would have liked to see Raven's one-off NE express loco given a run.
  9. Sad news, Raymond was always approachable and willing to encourage novices like me every time we spoke at Guildex. Sorry to hear he has gone.
  10. Welcome to the forum Tim. Have fun building the layout.
  11. I cannot open the link, Roger. Quite possibly a fault at my end though.
  12. Welcome to the forum Chris. As you have no doubt already found, there is a great deal of inspiration in these pages.
  13. If those railways built stock to their maximum height would they not be oversize when running on "Foreign" railways? That would suggest that Midland, H&B and GN stock would be built to other raiways' smaller height gauge in order to fit onto their tracks. There was a large amount of running on on other people's lines even in pre-grouping days.
  14. The Isengard website gives the colour as dark chocolate. Possibly two names for the same colour; not unusual in railway paints. The money we put into those little envelopes on the trains was well spent. http://www.isengard.co.uk/images/JPEGS/Welsh Pony_F&WHR8-10-20.jpg
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