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  1. For those of us not in the know, may I ask whom is the Mr. W to which you refer and why is he apparently so powerful?
  2. Welcome to the forum Berniel, you will find plenty of advice and inspiration on here.
  3. Is there a margin of error in bridge clearance signs? And are heights checked after every road re-surfacing with appropriate adjustment to signage if required?
  4. I gave up my membership many years ago but if memory serves the application form did not ask the applicant's colour/religion/country of birth/or gender. Date of birth was on the form IIRC. So most talk about demographics must be based on assumptions and witnessing fellow attendees at shows. Hardly the most reliable methodology.
  5. Just wondering what members get from a quarterly magazine that they cannot get from forums like this?
  6. Locomotives numbered 0 are rare in their own right but with a No. prefix, doubly so.
  7. Carried on the bufferbeam but not on cabside.
  8. The Ffestiniog Railway's engines all have numbers but are usually referred to by their names. The exception, temporarily, is No. 5 that has not yet been given its Welsh Pony nameplates. I was wondering if any standard gauge engines ever carried the No. prefix? I guess that it would have been on early engines, but most of them were given names.
  9. Just the sort of building that wins the architect an award.
  10. There have been cases of small suppliers deciding to retire and thinking that their moulds, jigs, presses, whatever have a value way above what a potential buyer is prepared to pay. It can be very difficult to let your baby go for what you see as less than its value. Where the guild could step in is as a mediator between seller and buyer to help settle on a price that both sides see as reasonable.
  11. Welcome to the forum Dave. There is no obligation to say hello but new members are always welcomed. Enjoy your time here.
  12. Shame on me, I had forgotten about the floods.
  13. Odd that appliances attended from Carnforth, Silverdale, Blackpool, and Cumbria and not from Lancaster or Morecambe. Unless the last two were busy on their own patches at 06:00 in the morning. The part time crews do a great job much appreciated by their communities, although rather taken for granted.
  14. You think buying a car online is insane how about buying a house online. There are some estate agents offering online viewing only, I know because we are house hunting at the moment.
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