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  1. Interesting project Wayne. I shall follow it with interest.
  2. Ohmisterporter


    Welcome to the forum MM.
  3. Does that mean that if the frames become damaged and are replaced new, though all other parts are re-used, the loco is then classified as new build?
  4. Why would anyone want to own shares in a company that paid no, or very little, dividends?
  5. Welcome to the forum Hayley. Plenty of advice and inspiration to be had on here.
  6. Welcome to the forum Andy, you will find plenty of advice and inspiration on here.
  7. Not sure I can answer this as I have never actually got round to building a layout, LOL. Although I have a yard of track in every gauge and stock to trundle back and forth. If you look in the Skills and Knowledge Centre there is a topic on Layout and Track Design. If you ask a question there I am sure you will get a positive response. Good luck Neptis.
  8. Welcome to the forum, you will find a lot of advice and inspiration on here. Never be afraid to ask questions, we all started out as novices and some of us still are. Good luck with your layout.
  9. I hate the expression, "Too little, too late". If I were a politician offering to find funding for a project and was told it was "Too little, too late", I would say there is no point spending money on it then and I would spend the money somewhere else. After all, there is never a shortage of projects requiring taxpayers' money.
  10. Welcome to the forum Jim, you will find plenty of advice and inspiration on here.
  11. Welcome to the forum Nick. If you have been lurking you know what a terrific forum this is, enjoy it.
  12. I have decided to call time on my 7.25" garden railway empire that never actually developed how I planned. Now a change of house and garden forces a change. If anyone is interested in eight lengths of Cromar-White track in ten foot panels let me know. Little used and in good condition.
  13. Sad news for the HNGT but I fear it may be only one of several in the same position, both narrow gauge and standard gauge. At least the stock is going to a good home in Statfold Barn.
  14. Welcome to the forum Malc, you will find plenty of advice and inspiration on here.
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